Data Shows More Women by Adult Content than Man

According to the xHamster Data Center, Women outspend men by a nearly two-to-one margin when purchasing adult content. According to the xHamster, of the over 100,000 visitors to their site that agreed to complete a short survey, women spend an average of $129 on adult content per year to men’s $66. The 20-question survey included demographic questions such as age, gender and sexuality, relationship questions, questions about viewing and spending habits and about sexual preferences. It was also found that on average the women were younger, more sexually fluid, more likely to be in a relationship and less interested in monogamy.

xHamster VP Alex Hawkins said: “They know what they like, are willing to spend for quality, and do not feel badly about doing so. Men, on the other hand, are more attracted to free content, and when they do spend, spend significantly less.

This Information Could be Important to Your Business

This is actually a great thing to know, if women buy more content than men and lets say, all your content is targeted to only men you could be missing out on a profitable market. So If you don’t or never thought about making a video aimed for women, I would! If it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t but it could end up being your best selling content, you never know, unless you try. I’ve seen a couple videos that were JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) for women, I think that’s a sexy idea. Maybe in the next video you make try to making the dialogue more open to other genders.