State of the Webcam Industry Survey 2020

2nd Annual State of the Webcam Industry Survey 2020

The LittleRedBunny Academy has launched the second annual State of the Webcam Industry survey, which is available to cam models and studio owners until April 15, 2020. All cam models and studio owners are encouraged to fill out the survey, regardless of their preferred platforms. The goal of the survey is to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the industry and to improve productivity, revenue and working conditions and to bring the camming community closer together.

“Last year’s survey was pretty successful, and we got overwhelmingly positive responses and support from the vast majority of those who took the survey. There were more than 500 interactions from people in 41 different countries across the globe. But the biggest thing we are improving for this year, especially from the great feedback we got, is to reduce and simplify the number of questions and shorten the overall length of time to take the survey” – LittleRedBunny

The two separate surveys are tailored for webcam models and studio owners respectively, with the data collected implemented into the daily functioning of the industry by helping to end speculations on the inner workings of camming, eliminate myths, and hopefully accelerate the growth of the industry.

“With what we learned from last year, and what we will get from this year, we can more easily interpret the data and compile it to start making some useful positive adjustments and changes to the camming industry from the ground up. As always, the goal is to improve the working conditions, earnings and well-being of the models.” — Chris “CK” Korhonen, business partner of LittleRedBunny and a public relations specialist

The model survey is estimated to take only 10-15 minutes, and the studio owner survey should only take 15 minutes at most, with both surveys having more optional sections to fill out. There are no required questions to answer, which should make navigation and completion of the survey much easier and more streamlined. No identifying information is required or tracked when completing the survey, and all participants will remain anonymous.

Over the next three months, a marketing campaign will be implemented to spread the word about the survey among studios and cam models to encourage as many different voices and participants as possible.

To take the survey, visit The LittleRedBunny Academy website.