Cam site network VTS Media exposes model and user data

November 7, 2019 Camming News


Cam site company exposes millions of users’ data

TechCrunch has reported that European cam site network VTS Media–owner of sites including,, and–has exposed the data of millions of users and models. The company left a back-end database with no password protection or encryption, allowing cybersecurity firm Condition:Black to discover the exposed data. Unlike a data breach, where hackers gain access to protected systems, this is a data exposure on VTS Media’s part, where they left user information unprotected.

Both models and members affected by data exposure

Not only were member and model usernames revealed, but IP addresses, private messages sent between models and members, and records of which videos were purchased and watched by members. Many email addresses and other personally identifying details were also exposed, allegedly allowing TechCrunch writer Zack Whittaker to match them to real-world identities. Models were also affected, with some account information such as emails and IP addresses included in the open database.

VTS Media disputes the TechCrunch report

VTS Media released a statement responding to the report of the data exposure, taking issue with several of TechCrunch’s claims. Writer Whittaker stated that “millions of sex workers and users” had their data exposed, while VTS Media says the number of accounts affected was 330,000, and only 0.46% of their models had sensitive information revealed. VTS Media also stated that they would be directly contacting all of the models affected, and that there is no evidence that anyone other than Condition:Black and TechCrunch had accessed the database.

What cam models can do to protect their privacy

While you can’t control whether or not your cam site (or any other site or app you use) will expose your personal data, you can take steps to protect your privacy. Keep yourself safe by:

  • using a VPN to protect your IP address whenever you log in to cam sites for any reason.
  • setting up a work email address using your stage name, and using it for all of your cam site accounts.
  • choosing strong passwords for your logins, and not re-using passwords across sites.

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