Utah Passes Bill Demanding ‘Warning Label’ On All Adult Content

February 21, 2020 Politics


Utah Bill Puts ‘Warning Label’ On Porn

The Utah legislature passed House Bill 243 on Tuesday by a wide margin (60-12). This controversial bill requires mandatory warning labels on pornography. Physical media will require a print warning label (below). Online ‘adult’ content now requires a 15-second disclaimer with the same mandatory message from the state included. Penalties include potential fines of up to $2,500.

The required warning is stated as follows:

Exposing minors to pornography is known to the state of Utah to cause negative impacts to brain development, emotional development, and the ability to maintain intimate relationships. Such exposure may lead to harmful and addictive sexual behavior, low self-esteem, and the improper objectification of and sexual violence towards others, among numerous other harms.”

The Free Speech coalition (FSC) Has Been Working Against This Bill

Despite now becoming law the bill leaves many potential openings for confusion and debate. For example no US legal body has ever been capable of clearly defining what is (or is not) LEGALLY ‘pornographic’. Nor is there clarity on what constitutes ‘adult content’! Will sex toys in packages require such labeling? With applicable no ‘definitions,’ and no clear boundaries on where the requirements begin and end, enforcement becomes impossible. Hopefully groups like the FSC and others can continue to undermine the validity of such redundant censorship. You can read the bill on my first coverage of the Utah’s bill ‘Warning Label’ on porn.

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