Update on Utah’s “Warning Label” Bill


Utah “Warning Label for Porn” Bill Takes Another Step to Become Law

Utah’s bill requiring a “health hazard” warning label on porn is halfway to becoming law. Despite the fact that similar warning label schemes have proven ineffective. The state’s House Judiciary Committee voted voted 9-2 in favor of the bill requiring every online porn clip to be preceded by a 15-second label warning of porn’s alleged “negative impacts to brain development, emotional development, and the ability to maintain intimate relationships.”

FSC Stands with the Industry

The American Civil Liberties Union objects to the bill’s threats to free speech rights. The Free Speech Coalition (FSC), an adult industry advocacy organization warned that “Utah and its taxpayers would be on the hook for millions of dollars defending a law that is ultimately indefensible.” The FSC also pointed out the questionable science behind claims of porn’s harmful effects. The bill cites no specific research that substantiate back assertions that porn is in the root of any of public health “hazard”. The bill’s author Republican state rep Brady Brammer, said the term “public health hazard,” came from a 2016 Utah state ‘resolution’ in which the state of Utah itself declared porn a “public health hazard.”