SkyPrivate Shutting Down Unblur.Media (Jan 15th, 2020)


SkyPrivate To End Unblur.Media

In addition to SkyPrivate’s announcement that they’re shutting down OurLittleSecret, they also announced that Unblur would also be shutting down. Unblur was a high-percentage payment processor for indie performers. Unblur enabled performers to offer a wide range of services, ranging from clips and customs to Skype shows and custom store items.


Unblur.Media Alternatives

Luckily for Unblur performers, there’s plenty of similar solutions available. IndieBill is the first (successful) platform to offer performers 85% payouts with chargebacks covered. The same percentages that Unblur provides their performers. There’s also Erotifix, which also offers the same 85% with chargebacks covered, although a small fee is attached to all purchases (customer pays). There’s also some clip sites that do offer high percentages on select services, like ManyVids and JustForFans (Who just announced 85% for their exclusive performers). Although those clip sites are not as comparable as Erotifix or IndieBill, they’re worth a mention.


Official Announcement By Unblur:

Hello everyone,

We’re coming back with our first announcement, although it might not be a pleasant one.

Sadly Unblur services are going to be discontinued. Therefore, starting with the 15th of January, payments will no longer be processed on Unblur.

For you, the models, no financial losses will be sustained. Everyone will receive their payout just as usual. If your payout is currently less than the minimum required, your funds will be transferred to your SkyPrivate account upon request at SkyPrivate Support.  If you do not have a SkyPrivate account, register now here and the funds will also be transferred upon request.

Thank you so much for staying with us along the way and helping us develop this product with you, our models. We hope we’ll be back soon with more, better products for you. Happy new year from Unblur’s team we wish you all the best!


More Information On SkyPrivate

Interested in becoming a SkyPrivate webcam model? You can either signup here or learn more about SkyPrivate by checking out the link below. SkyPrivate is a leading Skype network with tons of great features. SkyPrivate also supports phone sex and Discord shows. Plus, take advantage of their Skype model directory for increased exposure!