The Cupcake Girls name Charlotte Stokely as a “Community Activator”

The Cupcake Girls kick off fundraiser with Charlotte Stokely to support their work with sex workers

Sex worker support organization The Cupcake Girls has added performer Charlotte Stokely to their fundraising team. The Cupcake Girls is a non-profit group that provides assistance to both sex workers and victims of sex trafficking. They offer non-judgemental support through both local and online services across the US.

The Cupcake Girls offers therapy or will help sex workers find someone local to provide services. They also assist in finding free or low-priced medical care in your area. Additionally, they help sex workers in need buy food, pay rent, and access other basic services, plus help with legal issues such as restraining orders. They also have a mentorship program with bimonthly check-ins.

To donate to Charlotte’s fundraiser, visit her Community Activator page.

“I am proud to work with Cupcake Girls [sic] as a community activator. I look forward to raising money and spreading the word to sex workers looking for assistance. Many performers still don’t know they exist and knowing they are here to help can literally save lives.” – Charlotte Stokely