Stripchat Launches “Sexuality Resource Center”


Stripchat Launches a “Sexuality Resource Center” With a Livestream Therapy Session

Stripchat is launching new Sexuality Resource Center with an opening Valentine’s Day live-stream session about “How To Talk With Your Partner About Your Fantasies” with therapist and sexologist Nicoletta Von Heidegger. This project is the first phase of Stripchat’s healthier sex and sexuality initiative that was piloted last August. The pilot’s popularity prompted Stripchat to expand the program into the Sexuality Resource Center. Each event will feature free cam sessions with different relationship therapists. Stripchat’s VP of New Media Max Bennet notes the company is using it’s 60 MILLION plus viewer a month status to help “users reconcile their online and offline lives.” Bennet went on to explain, “It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s good business.”

Sex Therapy and Stripchat

On Valentine’s Day Stripchat’s new Sexuality Resource Center launches with Nicoletta Von Heidegger. Her session is aimed at “helping people speak to their partners about their sexual needs, including why they visit cams.” Von Heidegger is a licensed therapist and sexologist. Her cam session is free, and will be archived in the Sexuality Resource Center. Additional sessions will feature other topics with a variety of experts, such as upcoming session, “What Do Your Fantasies Mean?” with Clinical psychologist Dr. David Ley.

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