Streamate Sends Tips for a Happy Cam Space


Cam site Streamate recently interviewed Rebecca West to help give tips for a “Happy Cam Space”

Having a cam space that is convenient, fits your aesthetic, and is functional will help you earn more on cam because you will be happier to work surrounded by things that promote positive energy. Knowing this, Streamate interviewed an interior designer and design psychology coach to help provide cam models with tips to improve their overall happiness in their work space!

Streamates Tips from Rebecca West:

Is your camming space working for you? Streamate’s Vanessa Eve (@streamatemodels) recently chatted with interior designer, author, and design psychology coach Rebecca West about how your home environment affects you, how to separate work and home life while camming from home, and practical design tips that can help you stand out!

You can watch the full interview in English here. We’ve also summarized some of our favorite take-aways and tips below!

How Your Environment Affects You
Your environment has the ability to make you feel either calm or chaotic. Rebecca strongly believes that if you take care of your environment, your environment will help take care of you. When life is going well it’s easy to not notice how your space is affecting you, but times of stress or major change can trigger a need to freshen up your routine and take stock of your surroundings.

Separating Work Life and Home Life
Your environment can help signal to your brain whether it should be in “work mode” or “home mode.” Creating a separate space just for camming is a great idea if you have the space, but many models don’t. If you stream from your bedroom or living room, set up a cue (such as burning a specific candle, playing music, or changing your bedding) to signal that you should be in “work mode” (make sure your family or roommates know what your work cues are so they can avoid interrupting you). Once work time is over, clean up your space and put ALL work related objects away to signal that its time for “home mode.” Try to leave your work frustrations behind so you can fully relax once you’re done for the day!

Using Design to Stand Out While Streaming!
When you cam, you’re putting on a performance for your audience and your camming space is your movie set. What kind of character are you? Rebecca suggests watching movies or sitcoms with similar characters and paying attention to design and costume elements, then apply it to your own space. Do you want to be a glamorous character surrounded by finery? A friendly face who always wears something comfortable? A sadistic dom in dark colors with handcuffs on display? Make your camming space and costumes tell your story! Look for other models with similar design elements and try to add a personal twist that will help your room stand out from the crowd.

How To Start Creating an Environment that Works For You
Redesigning your space can feel overwhelming, which is why Rebecca suggests starting with ONE small thing that will improve your environment. You’ll start to build momentum which will make it easier to keep going, and with time your space will improve! Make sure to maintain that improvement with regular cleaning. Start to envision a space that you would LOVE to live and work in: what colors, textures, and design elements do you imagine? Look around your home for things you dislike too, like furniture that’s old, ugly, or associated with baggage you want to leave behind. Keep making changes until your space feels wonderful. As Rebecca reminds us, life is too short to not be surrounded by things that you love!

Whether you’re new to working from home or have been doing it for years, we hope this interview sparks a few ideas you can put into action. When you love your work space and enjoy what you’re doing, your audience will respond!

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