Streamate Week Long “Ready for Summer” Contest May 24-30


Streamate Hosting a Week Long “Ready for Summer” Contest from May 24th through May 30th of 2020

Streamate is taking advantage of the boost in traffic due to Coronavirus, and are holding another contest to help models take advantage of the increase! Models who place in the top 200 earners will earn an additional bonus. Additionally, models who stream for certain amounts of hours will receive a bonus!

Streamate Support Said This:

May 24-30 (GMT): Week Long Ready for Summer Contest!
Finally, we have a week long contest celebrating the start of summer. This contest will last for seven days from May 24-30 GMT. As mentioned above, the first two days of this contest overlap with the May 24-25 GMT 10% bonus event, and your eligible earnings* during those two days will apply to both! At the end of the week, the top 200 ranked performers will earn prizes, including a $5000 top prize.

All seven days of the Ready for Summer contest will count towards your eligible earnings* total at the end (your 10% bonus match rewards will not count towards eligible earnings). The longer you’re online and earning during this week, the closer you’ll get to the top prize. We’re also still offering the chance to earn a bonus gift for streaming 25 hours during the week (see below).

Ready for Summer Contest Prize List
1st place: $5,000!
2nd place: $4,000
3rd place: $3,000
4th place: $2,500
5th place: $2,000
6th place: $1,800
7th place: $1,600
8th place: $1,400
9th place: $1,200
10th place: $1,000
11-20th places: $800
21-50th places: $600
51-100th places: $400
101-200th places: $200

Ready For Summer Contest Bonus Gift
You also have a chance to earn a bonus gift! You must stream for at least 25 hours during May 24-30 (GMT) to qualify. (If you stream for 10 hours to earn the May 24-25 GMT 10% match, then you only need 15 extra hours during the the week to qualify!)

If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $250, you’ll get a $25 bonus!
If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $500, you’ll get a $50 bonus!
If you stream 25 hours and earn at least $1000, you’ll get a $100 bonus!
All performers are eligible to earn one of these gifts, including performers in the top 200 ranking. Make sure you stream at least 25 hours throughout the week to qualify.

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