Streamate News And Updates (April 2020)


Streamate Updates, Interactive toys, SMConnect, Ratings And Changes To Gold

Camming site Streamate has many new updates to their site. They’ve add more Interactive toys that are now compatible. Updates to SMConnect, limits on ratings and changes to GOLD %.

Streamate Said This: “We want you to know that the Streamate team is still working hard behind the scenes to keep your video streaming smoothly and to bring you new features and improvements. Like many of you, we’re now working from home and have had to make a lot of adjustments, but we’re still very excited about what we’re cooking up next. Keep an eye out for more updates!”

Interactive Toys

Streamate lets you connect your interactive toys through SMConnect. You can now connect multiple toys, swap them out shows or turn them all on at the same time. Streamate also finally added Lovense toys! So now Kiiroo, We-Vibe and Lovense are all compatiable on SMConnect. You can customize how your toy will react when GOLD is given. The controls depend on the toy brand, but ALL compatible toys have available advanced options.

Split Chat

SM brought back the multiple chatbox experience from the classic streaming page. To active it, open the SMConnect settings, click settings, click Preferences, and choose the “Split Chat” layout. Split chat divides paid chat and guest chat. Paid chat is top and guest chat is below. When a paid chat begins or ends, the boxes will automatically adjust to help keep your attention in the right place. You can also manually open or close the chat boxes using the carrot icons on the right side. You can click a member’s name to see their messages and type a private message just for them. Click the “Paid” or “Guest” headers to go back to chatting with that whole group. You can check who your messages will be sent to by checking the “To” line next to where you type your message. You can bring up and use all of your quick responses by clicking the “+” icon below each chat box. Use the available colors and icons to quickly remember which quick responses should be used in each chat box.

SMConnect Updates

Members can now list their preferred language. You can hover over the folder icon next to a member’s name and a non-English language preference may be listed. Keep an eye out for this info, and if you speak the listed language give them a surprise with a quick chat! Any problems with your stream connection or quality? You can now open the “Help” menu and click “Report Streaming Issue” to fill out a short form and let our team know. You won’t get a reply, but it will help Streamate find and fix streaming problems faster. The spending level of a viewer is now shown next to all of their chat messages.

Limits Of Removing Ratings

Asking to Streamate to take off low ratings from upset customers, is quiet common because it’s easy for miscommunication to happen. Streamate said: “We found that researching these requests was taking up a lot of our support team’s time. Because of this, we have shifted our policies regarding rating removals” The new policy for removing ratings is If the show is longer than 3 min the ratings will no longer be able to be removed. If its less then 3 mins you can still get the rating removed. Support will still ‘consider’ removing an unfair or malicious rating if you provide them with details.

Changes to GOLD

They have recently changed how they calculate GOLD in different countries. Previously, 1 GOLD was equal to 1 of the local currency. For example, a Canadian viewer would pay 1 Canadian dollar, and a UK viewer would pay 1 pound. Your earned % of this amount was then converted into US dollars in your chat and on your earnings report. With this change, 1 GOLD will always equal 1 US dollar. This means viewers in Canada, the UK, or anywhere else, will be charged the equivalent of 1 US dollar to give you 1 GOLD. The amount you earn from GOLD will now be consistent in your earnings report, making it easier to read and understand.

More Information On Streamate

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