Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Interested in sponsoring the podcast? We’ve got opportunities available! We haven’t priced out any sponsorship opportunities yet, and we only considered the idea since the podcast rebranding.

Here’s some of the ways you can sponsor the podcast:

  • Clothing / Apparel: Want to send us some merch? We’ll totally rock it on the podcast! This is an easy way to reoccurring exposure from us!
  • Website Ads: We’ve got website ads available! Purchase site-wide real estate!
  • Podcast Artwork: Place your logo on our podcast episode artwork and gain exposure on all the sites we post the podcast to!
  • Verbal Shoutouts: Get shouted out by us during the actual podcast.
  • Got Ideas? Pitch Us: If you’ve got any ideas on sponsorship partnerships, pitch us on them!


Gain Exposure As A Podcast Guest!

Sponsorship isn’t the only way to gain exposure on the podcast. Interested in being a podcast guests? Get a hold of us! We’ve featured many top brands on our podcast, such as ManyVids, JustForFans and SpankChain. Just remember: this is honest dialogue and not a PR stunt. Your brand needs to be able to hold it’s own when put up to questions from contributors and the live audience.