Become A SkyPrivate Cover Model

November 9, 2019 Camming News , SkyPrivate News


Become A SkyPrivate Cover Girl

Popular adult skype show network SkyPrivate is searching for cover models. This is a great opportunity for SkyPrivate performers to get increased exposure. A new cover model will be chosen each month. Here’s all the criteria and how to apply to become the next SkyPrivate cover model.


Update: The link to the form to apply to become a SkyPrivate cover model is no longer available. Either the contest is over or it’s cancelled.


Requirements To Become A Cover Model:

No reports marked as true: Members might report you for bad reasons and you know SkyPrivate does the fair thing and set that report as false. However, to be on the cover, you can’t have true reports.

At least 20 quality pictures: By quality pictures they mean HD (high definition) quality – With a face. Let your photographer capture the best version of you. In case you will be picked, SkyPrivate will need two of your best pictures; One for the desktop version and one for mobile.

A detailed description: It’s important for members to know you, so don’t just fill in the minimum 50 words. Tell them about your personality, what you like and don’t like, what you’re willing to do in a show and everything else you think that matters. Most importantly be unique and stand out!

At least 1 video uploaded: Members are sometimes surprised by your beauty and they ask for a free preview to make sure you are real – Joking, but we’re sure you know what we are talking about! In this case, redirect them to your video to prove just how real you really are!

Minimum 10 ratings from members marked with at least 4 stars: You already know how important it is to get rated from a member after each call. Your ratings will be shown in your profile and this can be a valid point for a new member to call. Make sure you ask for a rating after every call.

Twitter account connected: connect your Twitter profile with your SkyPrivate profile. Make sure your account is active ( if not, you can update it) and be active there. Keep your members updated with new photos daily or little moments from your life.


EDIT: Form No Longer Available?

The link to the form to apply to become a SkyPrivate cover model is no longer available. Either the contest is over or it’s cancelled.


More Information On SkyPrivate

Interested in becoming a SkyPrivate webcam model? You can either signup here or learn more about SkyPrivate by checking out the link below. SkyPrivate is a leading Skype network with tons of great features. SkyPrivate also supports phone sex and Discord shows. Plus, take advantage of their Skype model directory for increased exposure!

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