PussyCash / ImLive Model Data Exposure

January 16, 2020 Camming News , ImLive News


PussyCash exposes ID documents, personal info of over 4,000 models

Mere months after cam site network VTS Media exposed the private information of thousands of members and models, massive cam site affiliate program PussyCash — who also owns the cam site ImLive — has left the personal data of over 4,000 models exposed online. The cybersecurity firm that discovered the data on an unsecured Amazon Web Services server contacted PussyCash and ImLive regarding the vulnerability they had discovered, and the data was removed from public access. Both ImLive and PussyCash are claiming that the blog post published by vpnMentor contains factual inaccuracies regarding the data they accessed. They claim that no cam models from ImLive have been affected by this data exposure.

While this vulnerability was discovered by a company working to prevent data theft from occurring, and they alerted PussyCash with the intention on ensuring that no bad actors gained access to the information, it is stunning that this is happening so soon after the VTS Media situation. Models have trusted sites with not just enough information for identity thieves to have a field day, but also the information that anti-porn crusaders, moral grandstanders, stalkers, and generic creeps could use to tie our performer names to our legal identities. This could lead to doxxing as well as outing us as sex workers, which we know has lead to terrible results for the models affected. All adult platforms need to heed this warning to lock down their data. Don’t assume that your security is “good enough”–if you want models to trust you, prove that you are proactively protecting us.

ImLive Statement:

ImLive was never hacked. There was a security incident with PussyCash.com. We want to assure you that no personal information of Imlive hosts was leaked and in fact no information was leaked at all. For more information please send an email to info@imlive.com From Twitter @ImLiveCom

PussyCash Statement:

Privacy and the protection of user data is a top priority and concern for us. For this reason, we acted promptly and removed public access to the open folder as soon as vpnMentor (the technological research firm) alerted us to this fact.

It must be emphasized that no information was leaked, with the exception of vpnMentor. We are certain that they will not use it for any purpose.

Also worth noting is that the folder in question is from 2013. It includes details of purchased marketing materials of professional actors who provided videos and images for marketing purposes, which were used to promote various websites. The files actually confirmed that all the actors are over the age of 18.

We must emphasize that the information included in the folder contains no information of any performers or members of any website promoted by PussyCash.com, including ImLive.com

As mentioned above, the folder was promptly removed from public access and instructions were reiterated to the various technical departments regarding ongoing controls in respect to information storage.

What ImLive models can do

The exposed information included model releases, photos of credit cards, images of identity documents (including passports, driver’s licences, and other government ID), and images of models holding their ID documents. If you are a model on ImLive, please contact info@imlive.com to discuss your concerns.

What cam models can do to protect their privacy

While you can’t control whether or not your cam site (or any other site or app you use) will expose your personal data, you can take steps to protect your privacy. Keep yourself safe by:

  • using a VPN to protect your IP address whenever you log in to cam sites for any reason.
  • setting up a work email address using your stage name, and using it for all of your cam site accounts.
  • choosing strong passwords for your logins, and not re-using passwords across sites.


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