Phone Sex Operator (PSO) Site Traffic Report (March 2020)

Camland Podcast

Phone Sex Site Traffic Report: March 2020

The phone sex site traffic report, originally posted to Webcam Startup, is now on Camland Podcast! Each month we benchmark each site’s Alex Score and SimilarWeb, and rank the networks by who has the most traffic. We use SimilarWeb to rank the sites as it is the most trusted between most webmasters. Keep in mind that this is all data sampling though and not 100% accurate. That’s why we also provide the Alexa Score, so that way anyone analyzing the chart can look for outliers and make their own analysis.


Phone Sex Sites With The Most Traffic:

Rank Site SimilarWeb Alexa More Info
1st* iWantPhone 24,812 40,343 iWantPhone
2nd NiteFlirt 26,949 37,455 NiteFlirt
3rd TalkToMe 99,269 265,346 TalkToMe
4th Arousr 226,806 534,004 Arousr


March 2020 Traffic Report Notes

*ManyVids Note – ManyVids is primarily a clip site, but there are multiple ways to offer PSO services.


Data Sampling: Discrepancies Between Alexa / SimilarWeb

You’ll notice that sites would be ranked differently if gone by Alexa instead of SimilarWeb. This is because that both platforms use “Data Sampling” to compile their traffic scores. Data sampling isn’t a perfect science, but without having the actual website analytics from all the various camming sites, it’s the best we’ve got for benchmarking.

We provide both the Alexa and SimilarWeb scores so that way people can look for outliers and discrepancies and use both the metrics to form their own analysis of the data being presented.


Most Traffic ≠ Best Traffic

It’s important to understand that having the most traffic doesn’t always correlate to having the best traffic. As an example: Any camming site could go out and broker a ton of “3rd Tier Country” traffic (the least valuable traffic globally) pennies on the dollar. Although that traffic will do next to nothing for the performers, it will raise up both their SimilarWeb and Alexa scores.