Pornhub Updates Account Safety Tips

May 28, 2020 Porn Tube Sites , Pornhub News


Pornhub Updates Tips on Account Safety for Models

Well known Pornhub has recently reorganized their Pornhub Help center on their Model Program by giving model tips on how to protect their account.

Pornhub Said: “One of our top priorities here at Pornhub is to ensure your content and information in protected,” a rep wrote today on the tube site’s blog.”

Pornhub’s Sex Tips For Models To Protect Their Accounts Via The Security Tab In Their Settings:

-Create a unique and secure password with a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols and change it regularly. We suggest you avoid sharing your password with others.

-Use an email that is not linked or used for any other accounts.

-Set up two-factor verification. When doing so, Pornhub will text you a verification code that you’ll have to enter besides your email and password, adding an extra layer of security to your account.

-Check your payment information (like payment method, contact info, etc.) prior to each payment to ensure everything is in order.

-Beware of phishing scams that involve you sharing personal information and be mindful of accidentally downloading malware that could damage your computer, mobile, server, or network.

-Be sure you update the software you use on your devices. While some update automatically, others will send notifications, so take a moment to install the update or set yourself a reminder.

If a model thinks their account has been hacked, Pornhub is encouraging them to message the support team on the blog, or DM @PornhubHelp on Twitter.

More Information On Pornhub / Modelhub

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