Pornhub Update: Rearrange Your Videos

August 30, 2019 Porn Tube Sites , Pornhub News


Pornhub Update: Rearrange Your Videos

Pornhub has made a slight tweak to the Verified Amateur Program. Now it’s possible to rearrange the videos. Start by heading over to your login menu and scroll down to where it says Model. You’ll now notice that they added another tab at the top labelled Rearrange Videos; right next to Geoblocking. This is where you can change the order of your videos, both paid and free, no matter when you uploaded them, and decide which videos you’d like to position at the top of your profile page. Just click on the up-and-down arrows and notice how the Order number changes. You could also rearrange your content by clicking the side of the video with the four mini squares and dragging and dropping it wherever you’d like. Once you’re done and are happy with the order, click Save Changes.


More Information On Pornhub / Modelhub

Interested in becoming a Pornhub Verified Amateur / Modelhub model? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. Modelhub is an adult clip site and fanclub platform powered by Pornhub. By becoming a Pornhub Verified Amateur, models are also able to upload premium content to Modelhub. In addition to clip sales, Pornhub Verified Amateurs are also able to monetize free views through an advertising revshare, plus make money from paid downloads as well. Pornhub also integrates with platforms such as ModelCentro, FanCentro and Streamate.

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