Pornhub Raises Payout Due To COVID-19

Pornhub Raises Models Payout Due To COVID-19

Well known Pornhub raises model payout, due to COVID-19 for the month of April! The payout will be 85% (almost 100%, just a 15% processing fee), this applies to all pay-to-download and for-sale videos starting April 1, on both Pornhub and Modelhub. Pornhub said: “We want to let you know that we stand by our performers and Models and continue to work on projects to grow and support the community no matter where you are.”

Pornhub Giving During Stressful Times

Pornhub gave free pornhub premium to Italy during their lockdown. They also gave premium to France and Spain, but since this is a continuing situation that impacts us all, they’ve decided to play our part in encouraging everyone to stay home and are launching Free Premium worldwide until April 23.

More Information On Pornhub / Modelhub

Interested in becoming a Pornhub Verified Amateur / Modelhub model? You can either signup here or learn more about the platform by checking out the link below. Modelhub is an adult clip site and fanclub platform powered by Pornhub. By becoming a Pornhub Verified Amateur, models are also able to upload premium content to Modelhub. In addition to clip sales, Pornhub Verified Amateurs are also able to monetize free views through an advertising revshare, plus make money from paid downloads as well. Pornhub also integrates with platforms such as ModelCentro, FanCentro and Streamate.