Pornhub Shares Coronavirus Traffic Trends / Queries

Pornhub Coronavirus Traffic Trends

Pornhub’s COVID-19 Traffic Trends

The coronavirus outbreak is having a global impact and has had a tremendous impact on the adult industry. This ranges from events being cancelled, to changes in everyone’s lifestyles (and thus their porn consumption habits) and has brought in a new interest in corona-oriented porn. Not only has Pornhub provided free Pornhub Premium in Italy but they’ve also collected global traffic metrics and published how the coronavirus outbreak has impacted porn consumption on their site. Here’s the traffic trends.


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Pornhub Coronavirus Searches

Searches For Coronavirus Related Queries

Searches containing “coronavirus” and “corona virus” first appeared on January 25th and continued to grow. In the past 30 days, our statisticians recorded more than 6.8 million searches containing either “corona” or “covid”. Searches peaked on March 5th at 1.5 million.


Coronavirus Locations

Where Corona Searches Are Coming From

When compared to the rest of the world, visitors from Slovakia are 119% more likely to search for Coronavirus on Pornhub. Searches are more than 80% more popular in Bulgaria, Ireland, Malaysia and Serbia.

In the United States, it’s visitors from Washington, D.C. who are the most likely to search for Coronavirus on Pornhub. In fact, D.C. visitors are proportionately 33% more likely to search. Visitors from New York are 24% more likely to search, 22% in Washington state and 18% more in West Virgina. Folks from North Dakota are the least likely to search by -43% when compared to the rest of the country.


Pornhub Sees Traffic Increase Due to Corona

As the Coronavirus spread around the world, Pornhub’s traffic did grow, but perhaps more interesting, they found that people were choosing to visit Pornhub at different times. On March 11th, Pornhub’s worldwide traffic 5.7% higher than usual for a Wednesday.

At 2am, traffic was 11% higher that usual, but dipped -9% below average at 8am. Normally 8am is one of the most popular times to visit Pornhub, but most likely people who did not need to commute to work the next day stayed up later and slept in longer than they normally would. Traffic was a similar 11% above average at 1pm, then dipped -6% below at 4pm. Another increase of 8% happened at 7pm.

Italy’s Traffic Change: As most of Italy was required to stay inside, Pornhub’s statisticians found major changes in Italy’s hourly traffic. On March 11th, traffic at 2am was 47% higher than normal and remained 25% above average even at 5am. By 6am, traffic had dipped -16%. But 10am traffic had grown 10% above normal levels and remained above average until mid-afternoon. Evening traffic at 9pm was 12% higher than 9pm on an average day.

European Traffic Change: Traffic across all of Europe followed a similar trend as more people were working and staying at home, and some borders began to close. Overall European traffic was up 6.6% on March 12th, with the biggest increases from 1am to 3am, followed by a dip in the morning and then above average traffic levels in the early afternoon. All traffic was adjusted for their respective time zones.

United Kingdom Traffic Change: The United Kingdom saw an 8.4% traffic increase on March 12th when compared to an average day. Traffic was 8.8% above average at 3am, then dropped as far as 8.4% below average from 6am to 9am. Afternoon and evening traffic was much higher than average, peaking at plus 16.6% at 9pm.

Scotland Traffic Change: Scotland had the biggest increase in the U.K. by 15.3% on March 12th. While England’s increase was 7.3%, traffic in London was up 12.5% above average.

Spain Traffic Change: Traffic from Spain was 6.1% higher than normal on March 12th. After midnight traffic increased up to 10.1% at 3am. Early morning traffic was much lower than average, followed by a slight increase in the afternoon and a 6.5% increase at 7pm.

German Traffic Change: German traffic was up 6.7% on March 12th when compared to an average Thursday. The peak increase occurred at 1am by 21.6%. As Pornhub found with other countries, traffic dipped in the early morning, then rose above average in the afternoon when people would otherwise be at work.

Hong Kong Traffic Change: Hong Kong saw similar traffic increased on March 12th. When compared to an average day, traffic was up 6.2%, including a nearly 30% increase at 1am, and a 12.8% increase at noon-hour.

South Korea Traffic Change: On average, South Korea’s traffic was only up 2.7% above average, but that included a massive 43.2% increase at 3am, followed by a -23% decrease from 8am to 9am. While afternoon traffic stayed slightly below that of an average day, late afternoon and early evening was up to 7% higher than normal levels.

Switzerland Traffic Change: Traffic in Switzerland was up 5.2% above average on March 12th, but our statisticians found some of the largest hourly traffic changes from Swiss visitors. A 20% increase occurred at 3am, followed by a nearly identical dip at 7am. Traffic was then up another 18.9% at 10am, remained up through the afternoon and into the early evening.

Denmark Traffic Change: Traffic in Demark was 4.9% above average on March 12th, with a 19.7% increase at 3am, followed by a 13.3% drop at 8am. Through most of the afternoon and early evening, traffic was much higher than normal across Denmark.


To see more graphs (we didn’t post all of them) you can check out Pornhub’s original post here.


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