Podcast 89: CA Assembly Bill 5, Snapchat Account Sweeps, and more!

October 9, 2019 Podcast

Episode 89: IsMyGirl Presentation by Evan Seinfeld, California Assembly Bill 5, Snapchat Terms of Service Updates, and more news!

Welcome back to the Camland Podcast. Today we will be joined by Evan Seinfeld of IsMyGirl to discuss the platform. We will also be covering other important time sensitive news like the new California Assembly Bill 5 and the Terms of Service updates coming to Snapchat in October of 2019.


What We Cover:

(Webcam Startup) Camgirls: California Assembly Bill 5 Info – California Assembly Bill 5 has been passed and signed into law. The bill, which impacts the “Gig Economy”, is primarily targeting companies such as Uber and Lyft. California politicians are claiming that companies and employers are using contractors to avoid paying employment benefits. Although Uber and Lyft are the two companies in the cross-hairs, the law impacts everyone from free-lance developers to camming models.

(Webcam Startup) The creator of JustForFans (Dominic Ford) has launched a new social media tool! – KeepFollowing.Me is a new tool that is completely free for models on JustForFans, BelAmiFans, and DragForFans to use. This tool is designed to help automatically move your followers to a new account if your social media account is banned or deleted.

(Webcam Startup) We have created free Chaturbate Floating Icon Templates for you to use on your Chaturbate Profile! – When you get started in the Adult Industry your first thought probably isn’t that having HTML knowledge will help you get more traffic and make more money, but surprisingly, having the ability to create an eye catching profile can prove to be very helpful when trying to make the most out of your adult career.

(Webcam Startup) ManyVids Returns to AVN/AEE 2020 – Popular clip site ManyVids will be returning to the AVN and AEE Expo from January 22nd-25th

(Webcam Startup) Replace Vid Option Returns to MV! – ManyVids brings back the “Replace Video” function for uploads.

(Webcam Startup) Snapchat is doing “sweeps” and removing pornographic accounts + Updating their TOS October 30th, 2019. – If you’re an active Snapchat seller you are probably feeling the heat, if you haven’t already had an account deleted then you are one of the lucky ones. Over the past month, hundreds of models have spoken up about having their accounts deleted and many are trying to find the “root of the problem.”

(Webcam Startup) MV Adds Custom Pricing for Live Private Shows – Popular clip and now cam site, ManyVids, has updated to allow models to set their own prices on privates.

(Webcam Startup) Beginner’s Guide to OnlyFans – Aerie Saunders has provided a guide to getting started on OnlyFans.

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