Podcast 74: Heather Montgomery Presents PleazeMe

June 13, 2019 Podcast

Episode 74: Heather Montgomery Presents PleazeMe

Welcome back to the Camland Podcast! Today, we’re joined by Heather Montgomery from PleazeMe! PleazeMe is a new sex-oriented social media site with a couple unique twists. PleazeMe offers several different ‘Words’, each with a different intensity level. PleazeMe also has other features, such as a store, blog and so much more!


What Else We Cover:

Circle Pay Shutting Down (Adult-Friendly Alternatives) – As you all probably heard, Circle Pay is shutting down their services. Circle Pay wasn’t a high-risk / adult-friendly platform, but it was still used by many. If you’re looking for some high-paying alternatives, we’ve got them listed as well.

[Video] Camgirls: Camming On Your Period – Camgirl Katy Churchill shares some tips on how to deal with periods. The tips are broken down into three categories: Using birth control that eliminates periods, camming while on your period and taking time off.

[Blog] Camgirls: Camming On Your Period – We had a blog version that we also updated to include some talking points brought up by Katy that wasn’t originally included in the blog content we had on site.

2019 Fetish Awards Information – The 2019 Fetish Awards will be taking place on August 11th in St Petersburg, Florida. The Fetish awards is an annual event that recognizes the best fetish models and fetish content. The voting is now open!

ModelCam: Solo Model Websites Powered by XLoveCam – XLoveCam has announced an exciting new feature. Now XLoveCam models can get free websites built through their new platform called ModelCam. ModelCam allows webcam models to create simple 1-page websites that can be used as promotion.

XLoveCam / Sex.Cam Prepaid Debit Cards Available In USA – XLoveCam / Sex.Cam has announced that prepaid debit cards are now available in the USA. This is a much better cashout option for American models than wire transfers.

Jenna Haze Ted Talks on Porn’s Impact On Society – Jenna Haze hosted a Ted Talks, where she discusses her career as an actor and producer, the tube sites and how it exposes children to adult content, free porn’s impact on profitability and the performers self-worth and the sigma in today’s society.

ManyVids Monthly Contest: Summer Splash – ManyVids has announced the theme for their monthly contest for June, 2019. This month’s theme is Summer Splash!

Mobile Camming: Broadcast From A Smart Phone – General information on mobile camming, as well as a directory of camming sites that support mobile camming.

Camgirls: Privacy Protection With VPNs / Proxy Servers – Privacy is a major concern for all camming models and one way to protect yourself is through the use of VPNs. VPNs hide the IP address, making it harder to track your online activity.

Camgirl / Pornstar Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We’ve updated our main SEO post. We’ve slightly tweaked the content to represent algorithm changes and updated our list of sites to get backlinks from.

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