Podcast 61: Adult Blocking Fees, MV Awards, XBIZ Miami, and more!

Episode 61: Adult Blocking Fees, MV Awards, XBIZ Miami, and more!

Welcome to another live version of the Webcam Startup Podcast! Today we will be discussing all of the recent news from February of 2019 that has happened within the indie adult industry. Today we also welcome on podcast newcomer Kittina! Kittina is a mainstream porn / camming crossover star.


What Was Discussed:

Here’s what was discussed on this month’s live episode:


Kansas Porn Blocking / Porn Blocking In general.

The first thing that came up is the recently proposed Kansas Porn Block. Kansas became one of the most recent states to propose a device unlocking fee. Although everyone agreed that curbing sex trafficking and supporting sexual assault victims is important, the porn blocking is so much harder to regulate and doesn’t make sense. Also, it was brought up that why should the burden of offering these services be put on the industry?



Greg liked the new JustForFans revenue-sharing feature and Kittina shared her experience of migrating from Patreon to JustForFans. The discussion turned into the classical JustForFans vs OnlyFans debate. JustForFans keeps rolling out features and it’s easier to get paid in countries like Hungary.


Buying Bulk Panties

Aerie discusses her most recent article on buying panties in bulk for panty selling. If you’re selling panties, buying them in bulk is one way to increase your profit margins by reducing overhead.


Modelhub Percentage raise

Modelhub has announced that all tips and tributes have been raised up to 80%. The gang discusses their thoughts on Modelhub. Although nobody had uploaded clips to Modelhub in months, Greg has been making decent money off the premium revshare. Greg shares the niches of videos he’s got uploaded to Modelhub and Pornhub premium.


ManyVids Award Winners

The 2019 ManyVids MV Awards have wrapped up. There was a little bit of drama, but the person the drama was revolving around didn’t win so it doesn’t matter. Aerie thinks that all the awards were fair. Greg was going for an MV Live award but didn’t really try.


FanCentro Response To Unikorn / LikeWhoa

This all started when model Tana Lea tweeted out the revalations. The tweet alleges that premium Snapchat content is being used on the LikeWhoa Babes account and that users who signup for free trials on FanCentro are also being billed for LikeWhoa subscriptions, as well as the model’s premium, as soon as the subscription ended. FanCentro responded to the entire debacle.


ManyVids Launches MV Social

ManyVids launched MV Social, which turned into another mini shitshow. After this launch, ManyVids has stated that for future features, they’ll announce the launches before the actual launch. This way MV Stars don’t wake up to sudden changes while trying to figure them out. The Webcam Startup crew gives their two cents on the ManyVids changes that took place.


Paxum Card Rant

Now that the newsworthy stuff has been covered, it’s time to turn to free talk and Alec has to rant on Paxum. It’s been almost a year since he’s applied for the card and he keeps getting the runaround by various companies including Paxum and Royal Mail.