Podcast 46: iFriends Shuts Down, New Fetishes, PSO Fetish Work

Episode 46: iFriends Shuts Down, New Fetishes, PSO Fetish Work

Welcome back to the Webcam Startup podcast! This week, Katy Churchill will be bringing you all the latest and greatest camming news. The big news this week is iFriends shutting down (hint: watch next week’s live hangout for discussion on why that allegedly occurred). We’ve also got new fetish information from Roselynn Locks, and Katy talks about how to do fetish work via phone.


What We Cover:

Chastity Fetish Clips and Camming Shows – Roselynn Locks breaks down the chastity fetish. The chastity fetish involves cages for the man’s dick, preventing him from getting hard. Chastity is a great ongoing fetish for subs and can be used for both clips and shows. Chastity fetish can be done with the use of cages, or can simply be descriptive using voice. Chastity fetish plays very well with other BDSM and femdom fetishes as well.

Cuckold Fetish Camming Shows and Clips – Roselynn Locks also submitted a piece on the cuckold fetish. uckold fetish involves arousal and pleasure from the experience or fantasy of the experience of one’s wife or girlfriend (the “cuckoldress” or “hot wife”) being with another man. It’s a form of psychological sadomasochism and humiliation.  Cuckolding causes mental pain as opposed to physical pain.

Long Hair Fetish Clips and Camming Shows – Roselynn Locks 3rd fetish article is about the long hair fetish. Long hair fetish is a subset of hair fetishism (also known as hair partialism or trichophilia) that focuses on hair of long lengths.  This is a fetish that I personally have experience with as a camgirl that has always had very long red hair (ahem, “Roselynn Locks”).

Phone Sex Operators: Doing Fetish Work – Katy Churchill gives some advice on how to do fetish work over the phone. Via the phone, there’s no visual aids or assets, so everything is done by voice. That doesn’t limit the ability to incorporate a wide range of fetishes though.

2nd Online Cam Summit: Nov 1-4th, 2018 – The second Online Cam Summit is coming up, November 1st to the 4th. The Online Cam Summit is 100% free, and takes place online. Each day, there will be five seminars / videos released. Each seminar will feature a different speaker. Speakers include models, studio owners and camming site representatives. There’s also digital goodie bag items from the sponsors and presenters.

ManyVids CEO Bella French Camming On MV Live: Oct 22nd – ManyVids CEO Bella French is returning to camming on MV Live. Her first camming show will happen on October 22nd, 2018. There’s also a unique twist to things: Any other MV Star who’s camming on MV Live during the same time, will receive a portion of the tips she makes. Bella French is giving away all her tips to other MV Stars.

HerBodyBank: New Adult Crowdfunding Platform – This is a guest submitted piece from the people behind HerBodyBank, a new adult-industry crowdfunding platform. Learn more about HerBodyBank and how models can use the platform for their crowdfunding campaigns.

Camming Site iFriends Goes Out Of Business – iFriends, one of the oldest camming sites, has shut it’s doors. This comes fresh on the heels of the network’s 20th anniversary.

OhMiBod Esca Interactive Sex Toy Review – Camgirl and clip producer Aerie_SM reviews the OhMiBod Esca and gives a brief tutorial on how to use the sex toy. The Esca is a popular sex toy that can be controlled by a mobile app and used for interactive camming shows.