Podcast 42: Cardi-Bot, Europa Award Winners, Fetish Info and Sex Toys

September 15, 2018 Podcast

Podcast 42: Robot Camgirl, Europa Awards, Fetish and Toys!

In this episode, hosted by Empress Mika, we cover a lot of fetish content and a lot of toy content. We’ve compiled our list of fetish content currently on Webcam Startup, and got a couple YouTube videos on fetishes embedded into blog posts for that. We’re also seriously ramping up our sex toy content, so look for more of that coming soon. Also, we’ve got the first robot camming model, Europa and Pornhub award winners and much more.


What We Cover

Interview With A Slave: What Makes A Successful Femdom? – Empress Mika interviewed one of her slaves on the topic of “What makes a domme appealing and successful?”. Keep in mind that this is only one subs opinion, and the preferences will vary from sub to sub. It’s still a great idea to get into the mind of a slave / sub and learn what is important to them.

List of 2018 Europa Award Winners – The 1st annual Europa Awards has wrapped up and the winners have been announced. Trivial fact: Mika, who’s hosting this podcast, was originally nominated and her name was included in the original email. It was quickly correct though, as Mika isn’t European. The Europa Awards took place during XBIZ Berlin.

List of 2018 Pornhub Award Winners – The first ever Pornhub Awards has wrapped up and the winners have been announced. Although really, Kanye West should be declared the ultimate winner. Kanye got MindGeek and the adult industry an incredible amount of PR due to his fashion show and the release of a new track that debut during the show.

Cardi-Bot: First Webcam Camming Model On CamSoda – If you thought that Abby Oddly wasn’t weird enough, now we’ve got a robot camming model as well. Cardi-Bot will be camming once a week on CamSoda and will be hosting both public and private shows. Creator Giles Walker originally created two Cardi-Bot models that were featured at a strip club during CES 2018.

CamBuilder’s New KYC (Know Your Customer) Requirements – CamBuilder made an unprecedented move this week, by adding “KYC” (Know Your Customer) requirements. Individuals will now have to submit an ID, as well as proof of residence, and businesses will have to submit Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Association and other documents. Although the requirements aren’t anything that affiliates shouldn’t be able to provide, it is unprecedented, and CamBuilder is currently the only affiliate program / whitelabel to require these things.

CamModelDirectory Information For Models – We created our network information page for CamModelDirectory. CamModelDirectory is a network for Skype shows, clip sales and premium Snapchat. CamModelDirectory is now owned by IndieBill, who acquired the network after their payment processor cut them off due to non-compliance. Find all the information models need to know about CMD by checking out our network info page.

List of Fetishes and Their Meaning – We’ve compiled a list of all the fetish related content that we’ve currently got on Webcam Startup. This is by no means a complete list of fetishes, but it will be updated as more fetish informational pieces get curated by Webcam Startup contributors.

Vore Fetish: How To Do Vore Camming Shows and Clips – Camgirl and clip producer Roselynn Locks breaks down the vore fetish and gives some information for models looking to do vore clips and camming shows. The vore fetish is all about sexualizing being eaten, and is usually combined with the giantess fetish.

JOI (Jack Off Instructions) Fetish Information For Models – Camgirl and clip producer Aerie_SM breaks down JOI and gives some tips for models on how to create JOI clips and do JOI camming shows. JOI is a very popular fetish. It’s also very simple to do and is great for both vanilla and fetish models.

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) Fetish Information For Models – Aerie also talks about the Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) fetish and gives information for models looking to do CBT shows and clips. It’s important to make sure that CBT is allowed by the site, as you don’t want to get your account suspended. It’s also important to be safe and now allow your customers to push themselves too hard.

Sex Toy Information For Camming Models – We created a post with generic sex toy information for models. This is still a work in progress, and over the next few weeks, we’re really going to be focusing on sex toy information, so expect a lot of good content on everything from teledildonics and interactive sex toys, to general tips on purchasing toys as well as much more. This page will work as a central hub for all our toy related content, and will contain links to in-depth information on various types of toys.

Kiiroo: Interactive Sex Toys For Webcam Models – Kiiroo is a dutch sex toy company, most famous for it’s fleshlight product, as well as interactive sex toys that have become very popular in Camland. Learn more about Kiiroo’s line of products, and how to connect them to Kiiroo’s camming site integration partners.

Information On Interactive Sex Toys For Webcam Models – General information on interactive sex toys for webcam models. The post contains information on interactive sex toy manufacturers, a list of sites that support interactive toys and shows and links to additional content and blog posts on teledildonics that we’ve got on Webcam Startup.

Information On Bad Dragon Sex Toys – General information on Bad Dragon sex toys. Bad Dragon is a company that specializes in very colorful, customizable fantasy sex toys. The toys are high quality and there’s a large line of products to choose from. Also look for Aerie’s unboxing video on YouTube, that will be embedded into a blog post here soon.

Review of the Hismith Fuck Machine – Aerie_SM reviews the Hismith fuck machine. the Hismith is a very affordable machine with a smooth and quiet motor. Fuck machine shows are very popular and profitable for both token sites as well as private sites, and the investment will quickly pay itself off. The only drawback is the low quality of the toy attachments that come stock, but they can easily be swapped out with better dildos.

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