Podcast 3: Cronyism and Pay-To-Play In The Adult Industry

Podcast / Live Hangout #3: White-Washed, PR-Driven Adult Industry

This episode is somewhat of a rebuttal to some criticism and flak we’ve received from the industry. A lot of them don’t like how brutally truthful and honest we are. They feel like we should be a “PR Outlet”, just like the other proclaimed “News Sites”. That is honestly not the way things should be, and this kind of attitude is harmful for the industry as a whole.


The Industry Isn’t Used To Performer Feedback

One of the major issues is the industry isn’t used to performer feedback and opinions. Camland is changing that quite a bit, as now the performers are becoming the business entities, and it’s up to the platforms and services to be able to court them. The performers have major concerns, and they’re not afraid to be vocal about them. This is something that a lot of “professionals” don’t seem to be used to. They’re used to congratulating each other on the event sponsorship or awards, referencing the latest PR to hit the PR outlets, so on. In an environment like that, there isn’t any criticism. Just a bunch of high-5’s.


The Industry Isn’t Used To Consumer Criticism

Let’s be frank: The industry isn’t used to having their consumer-base criticize them. They’re used to the stigma from mainstream, but that’s not the same. In any other industry, you’d have YouTube personalities, bloggers and everyone else giving their thoughts and opinions on a specific product and brand. Much of which would be very mixed reviews.

The adult industry doesn’t have that, because it’s still taboo. Everyone consumes porn, but nobody is willing to make a YouTube video reviewing and critiquing the various sites. Performers and even professionals in the industry are even hesitant to do such things, due to the taboo and stigma. Therefore, there’s really not much of an honest and public discussion, such as what we’ve got going.


Week In Review:

Snapchat Update: ManyVids Links Resulting In Time-Outs? – It appears that there has been a Snapchat update. ManyVids urls appear to be flagged, and possibly giving accounts time-outs for sharing MV links.

ModelCentro Releases The New Discount Feature – ModelCentro releases the new discount feature. They also announced a competition where performers can win an iPhone X.

ExoClick, Piracy and How The Industry Awards Them – Part of the major rant of how white-washed the industry PR scene is. Check out how ExoClick is the major sponsor of piracy, but yet the industry rewards them while turning a blind-eye to their piracy. Even when mainstream (and the United States Government) takes notice.

Katy Churchill On The Pantyhose Fetish – Katy Churchill breaks down the Pantyhose fetish. Learn how to get started with pantyhose fetish clips and cam shows.

Webcam Startup Was Nominated For The Adult Webcam Awards – Webcam Startup was nominated for the Adult Webcam Awards. We decided to change it up a bit. Instead of telling everyone why they should vote for us, we shared all the reasons why you should not vote for us.

Breaking Up With Your Studio by Aerie_SM – Aerie gives some tips on how to “break up” with your studio, and gives her real-life story of when she left the studio that she was working with.