Podcast 119: Black Lives Matter

June 5, 2020 Podcast

Episode 119: Black Lives Matter

Welcome (or welcome back) to the Camland Podcast! This week your host is cam model and Webcam Startup CEO Aerie Saunders.

Regular News:

(Camland Podcast) ManyVids After Hours Contest Winners (May 2020) – Popular ManyVids has announced their winners and ‘best pic” for their ‘After Hours’ contest. The contest ran from May 18th until May 27th.The theme was supposed to be inspired by ‘After Hours’ activities. Congrats to all the winners, and congrats to everyone who entered and placed!

(Camland Podcast) Clips4Sale “Jiggle June” Clip Promotion (June 2020) – The clip promotion on Clips4Sale starts June 1st and goes until June 30th 2020. The promotion will be available on the main page of Clips4Sale and highly promoted through both on-site links, social media announcements and press releases to all of the major adult news outlets.

(Camland Podcast) JustFor.Fans partners with FSC for INSPIRE webinar – The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has partnered with adult fan club platform JustFor.Fans to present a webinar targeted at independent models looking to start an online fan club. The session will specifically focus on the setup and features of the JustFor.Fans platform, and how to use the site to make money. The webinar will be hosted by porn star and FSC Industry Relations manager Lotus Lain with JustFor.Fans owner Dominic Ford.

(Camland Podcast) Amberly Rothfield launches The Devilish Marketing Podcast – Independent model, author, and consultant Amberly Rothfield has launched The Devilish Marketing Podcast with Sean Earley of Devilish Media. The first episode of The Devilish Marketing Podcast is now available at DevilishMarketing.com and on most major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

(Camland Podcast) SoulCams new member referral bonus (ends June 30, 2020) – Cam site SoulCams is offering a referral bonus of up to $300 for each new member a model brings to the site in June 2020. Additionally, the three models who refer the highest spending members will earn their share of an $800 cash prize!

(Camland Podcast) Manyvids cancels Rainbow Winning Wednesday contest – After backlash from models and members, ManyVids cancelled the June 3 Rainbow Winning Wednesday contest late on June 2, 2020.

(Camland Podcast) APClips announces AP FanClub – Clip selling platform APClips has announced that they now offer a fan club feature, available to all AP Creators now! With a variety of convenient ways to add content to the subscription feed, including direct upload, import from existing APClips content (for sale, unlisted, and private), and import from past message attachments library, models will easily be able to fill their feeds.

(Camland Podcast) Stripchat offers free advertising for small businesses – Cam site Stripchat has launched a campaign to support small businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Stripchat is offering up some of its most popular models as virtual billboards, wearing branded T-shirts while they stream on the site.

(Camland Podcast) Clips4Sale Studio Updates Webinar Series #2 with Neil & Dariusz – Similar to the last C4S Studio Update Webinar in March, this session will be a chance for models to learn about upcoming changes to the Clips4Sale site from Neil and Dariusz. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions live!

(Camland Podcast) Cam4 Tipping Games Contest (June 8-21, 2020) – Popular cam site Cam4 has announced a contest using the Cam4 Game Center. From June 8-21, 2020, the models earning the most tokens through Roll the Dice, Token Keno, and Spin the Wheel will be eligible to win cash prizes!

(Camland Podcast) JustFor.Fans names Alice Skary as Model Liason – Fan club platform JustFor.Fans, already well-known for putting performers first and being inclusive of all models, has announced that Alice Skary is their official Model Liason. You can get in touch with Alice–or any of the JFF performer support team–on Twitter @JFFModelSupport.

Priority News:

(Camland Podcast) Manyvids cracks down on raceplay – After getting a rough ride from members and models for their lack of response to the current situation in the United States, Manyvids has finally spoken up. They released a blog post reminding MV Stars that raceplay is not permitted on the platform. While raceplay has not been available as a category on Manyvids for some time, the word itself was not banned, and was openly used in titles and descriptions. The post also said that they will be donating $10,000 “towards helping the Black Lives Matter movement moving forward.”

(Camland Podcast) AVN apologizes for George Floyd article – After publishing an article about George Floyd’s connection to the adult industry, AVN Media Network CEO Tony Rios has released a statement. He apologizes for publishing the article, claiming that he had rejected the story that was then accidentally published by an editor. The editors involved have been suspended indefinitely, and Rios goes further, describing the steps that AVN will be taking to address racism both in their publication and in the adult industry at large.

(Camland Podcast) APAG open meeting on racism (June 7, 2020) – The Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) is hosting a Zoom town hall on Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 2pm PT/5pm ET to discuss ending racism in the adult entertainment industry. The meeting will be chaired by APAG board member India Morel.

(Camland Podcast) XBIZ to host town hall meetings on race (June 10 & 11, 2020) – Major adult industry publication XBIZ has announced that they will be hosting a pair of virtual town hall meetings on June 10 and 11, 2020 to discuss race and racism in the adult entertainment industry. Industry stakeholders (including performers/models) are encouraged to attend.

(Camland Podcast) APAC posts letter in support of Black Lives Matter – The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC, not to be confused with APAG) has published a letter/statement outlining their commitment to fighting racism in the adult industry, and making clear that they support the Black Lives Matter movement. Already co-signed by over 100 performers, APAC invites any adult performer to read the full statement and co-sign it themseves.

Site Of The Week

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Model Tip of the Week

Don’t be scared to use your platform to raise awareness for important movements.

Podcast Transcription:

Hi everyone. I’m Aerie Saunders, the CEO of Webcam Startup and the Camland Podcast. I’m just here by myself today. Um, unfortunately Lilith has moved to a different position within our company and during the fluctuation of getting her and Katy swapped and getting everything sorted out. Katy, wasn’t able to make it here with me today.
So you get to just listen to my voice drone on. I know you’re so excited, but today is podcast 119. You can follow along everything we’re talking about Camlandpodcast.com. Your episode 119. Um, we’ll also find links on YouTube to the page where you can follow along. And if you’re watching on Spotify, iTunes, or any other podcasting platform, just know that you can run any info we’re talking about on camlandpodcast.com and you can also find regular news updates on the blog there. And then obviously it can use Webcam Startup for all of your tips, tricks, and guides to succeeding in the adult industry. So this episode is focusing primarily on black lives matter. If you haven’t been on social media in the past few days, then you may not know what’s going on, but you should educate yourself on what’s going on. Um, the world is basically in protest for George Floyd, who is a person of color who was unrightfully killed by police officers in Minnesota. And, um, It took quite a few days until, uh, the officers were actually correctly charged and until the charges were made to a second degree, which is what people are believing, it should be as a first degree is harder to prove in court. So the world is protesting for George Floyd. Um, now that justice is hopefully being dealt out to his killers. Um, the world has also focused their attention on how many other killings by cops and, um, it’s very appropriate and it’s about time that people receive consequences that cops receive consequences for killing people it’s not right. And the system is, um, it’s broken and it’s, it’s really unfortunate that so many lives had to be lost until the world got to this point, but everybody is out there. Everybody’s protesting. And, um, it’s great to see Webcam Startup has personally donated a thousand dollars to a, um, A bailout fundraiser locally here, and we have encouraged and challenged some of the big box sites to also donate a thousand dollars to fundraisers of their choice. And we just hope that this continues to go in the right direction and that the systematic racism in our legal system is finally dismantled. So. Onward from that. Um, some sites are doing things that have been donating and, um, there is some other news, so I’ll just hop right into that and feel free to follow along with me.

So we have our Manyvids after hours contest winners. The contest ran from the 18th until the 27th of May. The theme was supposed to be inspired by after hours activities and congratulations to all the winners and congratulations to anyone who entered into place.

Clips4Sale is having a jiggle June clip promotion. It starts on June 1st and it goes until June 30th, the promotion will be available on the main page of clips for sale, and it will be highly promoted through both onsite links, social media announcements, and press releases to major adult news outlets. If you aren’t familiar with Clips4Sales clip, promotion contest, you just had it with a certain tag. And that gets put on the clip promotion page, as long as it fits the criteria. And, um, It’s a good way to get extra promotion and get extra eyes on your content.

JustForFans is partnered with FSC for an inspire webinar. It is a webinar targeted at independent models. Looking to start an online fan club, the social specifically focused on the setup and features of the JustForfans platform, which as you guys know is something I’m a huge fan of. Uh, Dominic Ford is wonderful and I’m excited to see what they’ll be talking about. So the webinar will be hosted by porn star, an FSC industry relations manager, Lotus lane, and it will also be joined by Dominic Ford from JustForFans. So that’s exciting. And if you’re looking to get started on a fan club platform, and you’re looking for more tips, be sure to check that out.

Amberly Rothfield has launched The Devilish marketing podcast. Um, but she is an independent model author and consultant, and she has launched this podcast with Sean Earley of devilish media, the first episode of the devilish marketing podcast, and now available@devilishmarketing.com.

SoulCams is having a new member referral bonus. It ends on June 30th and the three models who refer the highest spending members will earn their share of an $800 cash prize. So that’s interesting. And I like the idea of soul cams.

ManyVids has canceled the rainbow winning Wednesday contest after backlash from models and members. Um, a lot of models felt that it was an inappropriate time for Manyvids to be, promoting contests and stuff like that, especially in light of how long it took for them to speak out about the current things happening. And, um, it just isn’t right in the current climate for contests to be willing on many models grouped together, actually, and entered either blacked out contest pictures, which was completely black screen, or they put different things in quotations over the black dot images saying something like black lives matter or just. Basically calling that ManyVids for not really reading the room correctly and it’s really good that they canceled it. Um, it would be better if they canceled it and made a statement about it. And then actually like took some credit for the things that were happening. Um, ManyVids has been in a lot of hot water this week. I personally called them out for basically making the same statement they made in 2017 regarding race play. Um, it’s, it’s been a lot, ManyVids is unfortunately a site that ends up in hot water all the time, because they pretend to be ethical. Meanwhile, they are on par with most other porn sites. Not a lot of the other sites get called out because they’ve never promised to be ethical. Although I think at this moment in time, all of these sites should be calling out or called out for profiting off of performers of color, and then not really making any attempt to support the black lives matter movement. So. It should be interesting to see how everything goes, but ManyVids has canceled their winning Wednesday contest.
AP clips has announced AP fan club. Um, Webcam Startup is right now, actually working on the official AP fan club page. So we will have all of the info for you shortly. I’m actually kind of on vacation right now. A little bit. My family is visiting, so I’m sorry. Things seem a little delayed right now. I am taking a few days off. Um, but. We will have that page up for you very, very soon. But basically they announced that they offer a fan club feature. It is available to all of AP creators, and you can add content to the subscription feeding, including direct upload. You can import from existing AP clips, content for unlisted and private, and you can import from past message attachment. So that’s super great that they’ve done that. It’s going to be very easy for everybody to transition content over into their fan club. And I think adding fan clubs to the popular clip sites is a very smart move on AP clips part in every site that chooses to do it because fan club ups are a good way for members to show their support from models. And it, it just seems to be one of the things of becoming like the norm. I’m like out of breath,

Stripchat is offering free advertising for small businesses. Um, strip chat has launched a campaign to support small businesses that have been negatively impacted by coronavirus Stripchat is offering some of its most popular models, I really can’t talk to that virtual billboard brand, the teachers while they stream on the site. So it’s, um, the models will be wearing small business gear to help promote the small businesses and hopefully drive some traffic their way. And what cam models are actually a fantastic way to market. A lot of eyes get on, uh, the things we wear, the things we have in our background, um, can really influence our viewers and like I get told all the time because I was from the energy drinks on cam specifically. So I always get told all the time it was fantastic product placement for monster, because all I do is drink monster every stream of my drink monster. So it’s something that cam customers actually do notice. And it’s something that they absorb and it sticks with them and when they’re thinking about the cam models that they watch, they also think of the things that they have. So if they have a funny quirky shirt or a funny advertisement in the background, it’s something that will draw attention. So that is a very cool thing Stripchat is doing.

Clips4Sale studio updates, webinars series number two, um, similar to the last clips for sale studio update when, our March the session will be a chance for models to learn about upcoming changes to Clips4Sale. And there will also be an opportunity to ask questions live. You can check out CamlandPodcast,com to find the dates for that. Cam4 is having a tipping games contests from June 8th to the 21st the models that earn the most tokens through roll the dice, Token keno and spin the wheel will be eligible to win cash prize.

And then JustForFans named Alice skary, scary, Alice Skary. Sorry. Oh my goodness. I’m the worst. Um, so because of Alice’s activity in the model community and how they communicate with models, how they speak up on social issues. Um, they’ve been hired to act as the model liaison. That’s how you’re supposed to say that for JustForFans, which is super awesome because, um, I feel like JustForFans needed more model facing support rather than just Dominic, because Dominic does so much, and you can get in contact with Alice or any of the JustForFans performers, or team on Twitter @ JFFmodel support.

Okay. Next is our priority news. This will be focusing on a lot of the current events. Um, so let’s dive right in
ManyVids cracks down on race play after getting a rough ride for members and models. For the lack of response to the current situation. ManyVids has finally spoken up they released a blog post reminding MV stars. That race plays not permitted on the platform, even though they did say that three years ago and never followed. Okay. And, uh, While race play has not been available as a category. The word itself has not banned, which is problematic in itself, and it was openly using it in titles and discription. The post also said that they will be donating $10,000 towards helping the black lives matter movement moving forward. Um, personally, I’m not speaking on the opinions of anyone on the Webcam Startup or Camland podcast team. I’m just speaking on what I believe. I believe that ManyVids. Really fumbled the ball on this one. They, um, They spoke out against race place a few years ago, never actually removed it. And it’s not our responsibility as models on their platform. To fact check them. If they say they’re going to remove something, they should actually remove that thing. I think that they’re first attempt at joining the movement going on right now is just posting cute little graphics. And it wasn’t enough. So they decided to make a statement to try to seem like they were doing something that they already said that they would do, which I think is an inappropriate way to handle the situation. And I feel like they should really stop just trying to be sensational. Um, if you’re going to claim to be an ethical porn site, if you’re going to claim that you care about your performers, you should actually uphold the things you say you’re going to do in 2017. When they said they were removing race play it shouldn’t have just been in the race play category. It should have been continuing to monitor race, play, take it out of titles and keyword, ban it, um, other sites like clips for sale, for example, keyword brand specific things. If you try to post something with something that is not permitted on their site, it will just not post. It will not allow you to post it. So ManyVids should follow suit with that and they should actually be monitoring the things happening on their platform. I understand that as a business, making money is important, but black lives are more important.

Um, so next AVN apologizes for their George Floyd article. They published an article about George Floyd’s connection to the adult industry. Um, the AVN CEO, Tony Rios released the statement about it, and he apologized for publishing the article claiming that he had rejected this story. And then it was accidentally published by an editor. The editors involved have been suspended indefinitely, and Rios goes further describing the steps. AVN will be taking to address racism, both in their publication and in the adult industry. At large, I’ve seen some of their proposed ideas. Um, they’re going to be removing interracial categories from the AVN awards. I feel like. Everybody’s finally doing things that they should have been a long time ago. Um, this is not the first time that performers of color have come forward to these platforms and said, Hey, I don’t like that. You’re profiting off of fetishization. And they never did it. Everybody’s only acting right now because it sensational and that’s great because sensational stuff is what does actually result in change, especially in situations like this, where they have really no other option, but to go along with what needs to be done, because they’re at risk of losing performers. But I feel like a lot of these platforms should not have waited until they got to this point and they definitely, it should not have. Posted about George Floyd’s connection to the adult industry. Um, it was something that nobody had been talking about. And if you knew about it, you knew about it. I personally knew about it. I didn’t post about it because there’s some things like a man died. You don’t have to say you know, this man was a porn performer. You don’t have to say this man was. Anything. It was just a man. It was a man with a life, a family and he unjustifiably died. You don’t have to make people in our industry hear about him. We already do. You don’t have to say he’s a performer, so we should care. We should just carry it because he is a person who lost his life. So I feel like anybody who’s really pushing the, um, the information on his connection to the adult industry is. Just doing it for more sensationalism. They’re trying to draw more negative attention towards it because we all know the stigma that comes with being in the adult industry. That’s already like that’s a lot. And to add that on top of everything else that is going on. It’s just an inappropriate time for that. Maybe they didn’t have that mindset going in. Maybe they were trying to make it appeal more to the porn industry and get more support, which is cool, I guess, but there’s better ways to do that. And that was just very tacky on their part to do. And I’m sure. People didn’t want information like that. His family didn’t want information like that being on the front lines of what’s happening right now. So. Yeah, that’s my opinion on that. Sorry for getting a little ranty.

Um, APAC is having an open meeting on racism on June 7th, and it will be hosted in a zoom town hall. It will be at 2:00 PM Pacific time, 5:00 PM Eastern time, and it will be discussing end racism and the adult entertainment industry. The meeting will be chaired by APAC board member and India Morel. So we actually do have Katy attending that meeting and she will be telling us how that goes. Um, everything that’s discussed, giving us a small writeup on what happens there. So if you aren’t able to make it, we actually will have a write up on it. If you are able to make it, that’s great. And you can find all the info on the tendon on the APAC, Twitter, or their website.
XBIZ, is hosting a town hall meeting on racism on June 10th and 11th. They’re having two separate ones. One is going to be for performers and then the other ones are going to be for ’em. Okay. doesn’t say it in the shrivel tab that I have written here, but it’s for like retailers and, um, the June 10th one will be at 2:00 PM Eastern time. 11:00 AM Pacific time. It will be just as some racisim in the middle industry and industry stakeholders, including. performers and models are encouraged to attend. I will be attending that one. So I will have a write up on that for you guys, if you aren’t able to attend, but obviously if you are able to attend, definitely make sure you do. If you do want to attend, I encourage you to sign up for xbiz.net today because they actually do have an approval process to inform that you are part of the industry that takes up to 48 hours. So getting your confirmation done before the event is very important and think we’ll be releasing the link to join 15 minutes prior to it going live on their website. And on their Facebook, if you are on Facebook, but that seems to be more industry people. I feel like none of them are really on Facebook.

APAG post a letter in support of black lives matter. The adult performer advocacy committee, () not to be confused with APAC, has published a letter statement, outlining their commitment to fighting racism in the adult industry and making clear that they support the black lives matter movement. That’s already been cosigned by over a hundred performers and be APAG invites, any adult performer to read the full statement and co-sign it themselves.
And then that covers our news for this week.

Um, site of the week has gone to the Minnesota freedom fund. They have collected a lot of money and on top of that, they have added additional resources and if they have reached financial capacity right now, so it’s a good list of places that you can donate and places that you can offer your support. Um, we have also posted a good resource on our Twitter that you can check out that has a lot of the active petitions, donation sites. And just other ways that you can offer your assistance with what’s going on in the world right now.

And our model tip of the week is don’t be scared to use your platform, to raise awareness for things, things that are important to you as a model. Um, although your customers may disagree with you, it’s, there are some things that you shouldn’t be scared to post, and that aren’t going to impact your brand as much as you think it will. And sometimes being on the right side of history is more important than you making money as a brand. And I know that it’s hard because a lot of people may not be meeting their financial goals right now. This is on..The smack dab in the middle of the pandemic. Um, so it’s understandable that you would be continuing to promote yourself and that’s totally fine, but you don’t have to be scared to even just retweet the voices of people of color who were being ignored. All of us have platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you have 20 followers or 200,000 followers just getting the word out there. And spreading awareness is so important. And this isn’t just about. You know, one person, a lot of people are like, okay, well, George Floyd murders are facing charges. Finally, we can let it go. And it’s not just about that anymore. It’s about broken system. It’s about systematic racism in our broken system that continues to oppress people who are just there they’re citizens of this country, like you and me like anybody else.

Um, so. That is all for this week. Sorry. If I got very political and preachy for you guys, although I feel like it’s not about politics. It’s, it’s about human rights, but some people do find this to be political. Um, I’ve personally, I don’t care how this affects my brand. If you believe that anyone deserve to unjustifully, die, then you can unfollow me. You can unfollow our business account. Um, but. That’s that’s all for this week. We will be back live next week on June 11th. And, um, that is all you and read all about these things. Like I said, on camlandpodcast.com. And I hope that if you aren’t out protesting right now, you’re saying stafe, so if you aren’t out protesting, please check out different ways that you can donate or help. Even if you don’t have money. There are sites that are. Offering petitions to sign. Some youtubers are offering their, uh, their ad revenue as donations. So even just playing YouTube videos on repeat can help. Oh man. Okay. That is that. Is it stay safe out there and, um, have a productive week and do your best out in the world.

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