Podcast 118: Kinkbomb Extends 100% Payout Again, How To Prepare for Virtual Events And CAM4 Contest

Episode 118: Kinkbomb Extends 100% Payout Again, How To Prepare for Virtual Events And CAM4 Contest

Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to the Camland Podcast, this week episode 118 will be live on YouTube!

Regular News:

(Camland Podcast) Babestation Joins Pineapple Support As Sponsor – Cam site Babestation has joined mental health resource for adult industry Pineapple Support. Babestation is now a ‘Support-Level’ sponsor. It’s amazing seeing sites joining into sponsorship with Pineapple Suppport, it’s a way of showing that they care about their models mental health.

(Camland Podcast) ManyVids Supports All Creators: MV Crush – Clip site ManyVids made a blog post May, 22nd 2020, reminding they’re models, their platform is MADE for sex workers and their mission is to empower us and know we have a safe place. We can post to MV social without fear of being deleted just for our profession. That being said they are still working on MV social and a lot need to be done, but they are sticking to their word of making a ManyVids sex worker safe place, understandably thought because they are a porn site.

(Camland Podcast) CAM4 13th Birthday Show Weekend (May 30th-June 1st 2020) – CAM4 is throwing a birthday party for their 13th year as a cam site, and their inviting you as the host! CAM4 invites you to join in on the fun, broadcasters who put on the must creative themed show between May 30th and June 1st, have the chance to earn some prizes!

(Camland Podcast) AWSummit Postpones Romania Event Until 2021 – The AWSummit has decided to postpone it’s Romania summit till 2021, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Originally the summit had been postponed to the end of August. Dates for the 2021 event will be announced later. Organizers will honor all tickets already sold for the 2020 edition at next year’s event, 2021.

(Camland Podcast) Riley Reid Lends Sex Advice On ImLive Cam Show – ImLive.com is having Riley Reid is giving her ‘expert’ sex advice on a live cam show On Thursday, May 28th 2020. The 30 min broadcast is scheduled for 5pm PDT, an ‘pre- show” introductory session on ImLive’s Instagram live.

(Camland Podcast) Chaturbate Wants To Promote You – Chaturbate wants to promote you on their social media! They requesting high resolution photos of yourself, (no phone pictures) and your Twitter and Instagram handles, and your Chaturbate profile send all this to Twitter@chaturbate.com. Also pictures must contain no nudity.

(Camland Podcast) FanCentro Promotes StripperCentro – Fan club/clipsite FanCentro is extending the Centro family tree: with StripperCentro. FanCentro’s way to help dancers earn money while out of work due to COVID-19 and even get an extra paycheck when they can return!

(Camland Podcast) Pornhub Updates Account Safety Tips – Pornhub has recently reorganized their Pornhub Help center on their Model Program by giving model tips on how to protect their account. Check out their tips in our blog post!

Priority News:

(Webcam Startup) How to Prepare for Virtual Events, Webinars, and Online Industry Summits – The last 60 days or so have been quite a challenge for many in the industry and more so, the entire world. As you have read and heard via Camland Podcast, many of the events we have been looking forward to have been cancelled or postponed as far out as 2021 due to Coronavirus. The bad news? The missing element of social interaction. The good news? You have the ability to learn, educate, and most of all network without leaving the comfort of your own home. Last month we had the pleasure of attending the first online virtual adult convention. As I was browsing the various session rooms looking for people I knew, but also hoping to meet new people for potential business opportunities. I found myself a bit unprepared as I am new to the virtual networking realm. Here are some tips for how to navigate and get the most out of your attendance.

(Webcam Startup) How to Advance Your Audio for Webcam Success – Advance your audio for a next level stream and better income on webcam, Audio is very important for webcam shows because good and clear audio adds next level sensory stimulation to a live show. Check out these tips to make your audio jaw dropping and keep fans coming back!

(Camland Podcast) Kinkbomb Extends 100% Payout (June 2020) – KinkBomb is extending 100% payout to studio partners, to help models during COVID-19. They started the 100% payout promotion in mid March and because of the amazing feedback they are continuing it! Due note there’s a small fee for customers at check out to cover processing fees, giving studio partners a full 100%.

Site Of The Week:

Kinkbomb, for extending 100% payout AGAIN!

Model Tip of the Week

Becoming familiar with technology and getting hands on with site building and graphic creation can help you advance not only in your adult career, but give you valuable pieces to add to your resume!