Podcast 116: OnlyFans Adds New Features, IWC Promotes ‘Positive Femdom’ And TEA Winners Announced

May 14, 2020 Podcast

Episode 116: OnlyFans Adds New Features, IWC Promotes ‘Positive Femdom’ And TEA Winners Announced


Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to the Camland Podcast, this week episode 116 will be live on YouTube!


Regular News:

(Camland Podcast) OnlyFans Adds New ‘Top Fans’ Features – OnlyFans added new a feature, at the end of each month OnlyFans calculates your top fans! The top fans percent goes up to 10% so members can range anywhere between Top 1%-10%, The top fans percentage is based on interaction on posts, tips and purchases a subscriber make to an individual creator. The percents are based solely on interaction during that month not the lifetime of the members subscription.

(Camland Podcast) FanCentro Having Hot Mama Contest (May 8th-12th) – FanCentro is having hot mama clip contest. Post a mom themed video to your page and the clip with the most likes will win $500. The top 5 most liked videos will be promoted in a top featured email campaign.

(Camland Podcast) FSC COVID-19 Task Force Update (May 9th 2020) – The Free Speech Coalition (FSC)’s COVID-19 task force has been having several meetings and discussions when it’ll be safe to resume production. Earlier in they week they sent a survey for performers to fill out, so they can get an understanding of our needs and concerns when it comes to resuming production. Please note the production hold is still in place. They’re full statement can be found on our blog post.

(Camland Podcast) ImLive Launches ‘Sexy Cuts’ Haircut Guidance Service– Imlive is launching ‘Sexy cuts’ a service that pairs up members with cam models with salon/barbershop experience, to guide and help them through at-home haircuts, because of the lockdown due to COVID-19 , many people have gone months without a fresh haircut. The ‘Sexy Cuts’ started Friday May 8th and ends Sunday May 10th, They have already guided about 250 haircuts.

(Camland Podcast)CAM4 Invites You To Happy Hour Show – CAM4 is inviting everyone to their Happy Hour group show, that’s every Friday at 4pm ET. The multi cam show is hosted by Laura Desiree and produced by our own Greg, BusyMan! The show is for their North America broadcasters as a way to promote them, and CAM4 is wanting guests on appear the mutli group show! Only north american broadcasters can apply on CAM4’s blog post!

(Camland Podcast) TEA Awards Winners Announced 2020 – The Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAS) 2020 winners announced on their livestreamed awards event, Sunday night. The TEA event was streamed on Grooby247.com, the event went virtual due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Find the full list of winners in our blog post.

(Camland Podcast) FanCentro Extends Hot Mama Clip Contest (May 20th 2020) – FanCentro announced their ‘Hot Mama’ contest last week as a clip promotion for mother’s day. The contest started May 8th and was set to end May 12th but now is extended until May 15th to upload a clip and May 20th the clip with the most likes will win. Giving the chance for one hot mama to win $500!

(Camland Podcast) ImLive Launches $100k Initiative For Couples And Multi Performers – ImLive.com is wanting to support and invite new multi-performers to their platform, any who register by the end of the month, the first 1,000 independent and studio models will receive a $100 bonus, after they earn $100 in revenue with their new account.

(Camland Podcast) Flirt4Free Celebrates 10th Anniversary Flirt Summit 2020 – Flirt4Free, celebrates their star models and studios by letting them compete for a get-away on an exotic vacation known as “Flirt Summit”. Despite of the uncertainty of international traveling due to COVID-19, Flirt4Free plans to return to Cancun for the 2020 Flirt summit.

(Camland Podcast) FSC: Emergency Funds Have Slowed ‘Considerably’ – The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has released an update Tuesday regarding the FSC’s, emergency fund created to aid adult industry talent and workers unable to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In their update statement, they note they have already dispersed $120,000 of the $146,000 raised, so far. With that being said the organization noted that the donations to the Fund have “slowed considerably” and warns, “At the current rate, we won’t be able to reopen the application until the end of summer. Please continue to help us raise more money so that we can reopen the application sooner and help more people.”

(Camland Podcast) JustForFans Announces ‘Quarantine Scene Contest’ (May 27th 2020) – JustForFans (JFF) announces a ‘Quarantine Scene Contest’, The clip must contain at least two JFF models, you have their own account, must be a sex scene, can only interact only ‘via the internet’, and the most creative scene with the best use of technology will win a cash prize!

(Webcam Startup) AMA with Lydia Love (@GenericHoe) Award Winning Cam Girl / Content Creator – Lydia Love has a popular online presence within the adult community, and she was live on Webcam Startup to answer our burning questions as well as yours! You can watch the recap on our YouTube channel.

(Webcam Startup) Money Making Games for Fan Clubs like OnlyFans, JustForFans, and LoyalFans! – Make More Money on Onlyfans, JustForFans, LoyalFans, and more by playing games with your fans! Playing games with your fans can help encourage interaction on your fan club posts and help improve your relationship with your fans while helping improve your profits on the fan club platform of your choice!

(Webcam Startup) Ask Me Anything with Lydia Love (@GenericHoe) – Did you miss our interview with Lydia? No problem, we’ve got you covered! You can watch the interview or you can read what Lydia AKA @GenericHoe had to say during her Ask Me Anything with Webcam Startup!


Priority News:

(Camland Podcast) iWantClips Adds ‘Positive Femdom’ Category – iWantClips adds new category, ‘Postive Femdom’, trying to encourage IWC models to make more positive femdom clips. They define ‘Postive Femdom’ as, encouraging and avoiding the “use of humiliation, manipulation, and degradation.” IWC states they’ll be promoting the category on a ‘regular basis’ to customers. If you already have clips that could be considered ‘Positive Femdom’ consider moving it to the category.

(Camland Podcast) Chaturbate’s April Video Contest Winners (2020) – Chaturbate announced their SFW video contest back in April. The contest prompted a YouTube video discussing one of their many topics, like “How did Chaturbate, and how has it impacted your life?”, “Tell us about your fave Chaturbate moment.” etc. They finally announced their winners for the contest. There’s 50 winners, and $200,000 in prize money! Congrats to all the winners!

(Camland Podcast)OnlyFans Adds New Feature: Co-Streaming – OnlyFans adds a new feature, co-streaming, a way to stream with other OnlyFans creators. Streaming is a great way to earn and connect with your fans. This is a great way to collaborate, especially during COVID-19. The co-streaming feature allows subscribers from both of the streamers account to watch the collaborate.


Site Of The Week:

Chaturbate, for giving award a massive amount of money for a simple, fun contest, congrats to all the winners.

Model Tip Of The Week:

Use mainstream media to inspire your content, watch movies, play games, and don’t be scared to incorporate those ideas into your videos or costumes for cam. It adds a relatable element to your content!

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