Pineapple Support Partners With TeamSkeet For Art Contest

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Pineapple Support Partners With TeamSkeet For Art Contest Promoting Mental Health

Mental health resource for the adult industry Pineapple Support partners up with TeamSkeet for an art contest. Participate in the art contest upload your art (any form of art), that features pineapples on twitter, follow and tag Pineapple Support and using the hashtag #PineappleArt. One entry per person will be accepted until June 2nd, when the winner will be announced by Pineapple Support on Twitter. The prize for the art contest is Team Skeet Swag and a $500 Uber Eats voucher.

Mindful Activities During Stressful Times

Pineapple Support and Team Skeet launched this contest to highlight how art and other hands on mindful activities can help with mental health during these stressful times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having stress-free contests like this that get your mind flowing, simple and even fun to participate in are so amazing to see.

Salima, COO of Team Skeet parent company Paper Street Media Said: “We are excited to partner with Pineapple Support on a project which will benefit our community,” “This organization is actively involved in supporting and assisting many individuals who have been affected by COVID-19 and this is a cause we greatly support.”

Pineapple Support Founder Leya Tanit: “During unprecedented times, I want to raise awareness of how art can be used as a hugely effective tool for mental wellbeing,” “It ties in with our advice for keeping mentally healthy during lockdown and there are many mental health benefits to getting creative. It also gives people something to focus on and think about during isolation, so we’re calling on everyone in the industry to ‘turn on the juice,’ get your creative juices flowing and create some pineapple art.”