Pineapple Support Introduces Performer Support Group in LA

February 5, 2020 Adult Industry Events

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Pineapple Support is Hosting a Performer Support Group

The mental health resource for the adult industry Pineapple Support is holding a eight week adult performer “process group” in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. It Began Monday Feb 3rd, sex therapist Dr. Amie Harwick is facilitating the event focusing on performers well-being. The group will be held every Monday at 3pm PT for eight weeks. You can sign up by filling out an application form on Pineapple Support. The group will be encouraging sex workers to process any emotional struggles they may experience and opportunity to gain insight into their behavior and feelings, these difficult emotions can come from family relationships, trauma and grief issues.

Online Support Gets Physical

Pineapple Support known for online mental health resource and stigma free therapy. It’s great to see them doing an in-person support group with other sex workers, and it is a great opportunity to get raw and real with your emotions while being surrounded with understanding people and in a safe place. It sounds like an intense course with intense emotions and breakthroughs. It can not be expressed enough how important mental health is in our industry due to the high emotional and mental pressure, which makes this support group not only a great thing, but a much needed thing as well. We are hoping one day they will expand with more support groups in other cities and states, but for now they are doing great in their local area.

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