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Pineapple Support Is Offering Free Therapy Course For The Adult Industry

Mental Health Resource Pineapple Support is offering to adult industry professionals a free course in Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT), a non-pathologizing approach that teaches practical skills for managing stress. The online course, begins April 14th and runs for seven weeks and is led by Sophia Graham. The two-hour-long weekly sessions will be held from 9:30 to 11:30 am PDT. Coronavirus or COVID-19 is bringing on a lot of stress to EVERYONE all over the world so its amazing to see Pineappple Support doing something to help mange everyone’s stress and mental health during this pandemic.

Pineapple Support Founder Leya Tanit said: “The COVID-19 pandemic is causing lots of people to experience distress. This might be because of fear of getting sick, or it could be financial stress or the impact of being in closer-than-usual quarters with the folks that we live with,” “Whatever the reason that you’re distressed, dialectical behavior therapy can help to equip you with the skills to cope.”