WhatsApp Sexting Site OurLittleSecret Shutting Down (1/15/2020)

January 14, 2020 SkyPrivate News , Social Media News


OurLittleSecret Shutting Down

OurLittleSecret, a sexting app, powered by SkyPrivate, has announced that they’re shutting down on January 15th, 2020 (tomorrow, as of publishing this). OurLittleSecret is the latest attempt to enable models to monetize their social media presences, following Membershyp, a platform powered by the same company and dedicated to a wide range of social networks. The announcement came in a Discord comment, copy/pasted below.


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Announcement by OurLittleSecret:

Hello Everyone,

The beginning of the year brings bad news for OurLittleSecret, unfortunately the registration and top ups will be closed with the 15th of January.

However, the relaying system will stay up and all existing members will be able to consume their balance as well as all subscriptions will be running until expiration day, but will no longer be renewed.

For you, the models, no financial losses will be sustained. Everyone will receive their payout just as usual.

If your payout is currently less than the minimum required, your funds will be transferred to your SkyPrivate account upon request at SkyPrivate support. If you do not have a SkyPrivate account, register now here and funds will also be transferred upon request.

Thank you so much for staying with us along the way and helping us develop this product with you, our models. We hope we’ll be back soon with more, better products for you.

Happy new year from OurLittleSecret team! We wish you all the best!


OurLittleSecret Alternatives

Although there’s currently no platform dedicated to WhatsApp, there’s still plenty of platforms to monetize the network. For indie models looking to sell WhatsApp sexting sessions, one of the high percentage payment processors such as IndieBill or ErotiFix is highly recommended. Any site that has custom store items can be used to sell WhatsApp sexting sessions as well. There’s also plenty of ways to make money sexting outside of WhatsApp.


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More Information On SkyPrivate

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