Oregon Health Authority tweets out Sexual Safety Guidelines, including masturbation and using the internet!

The State of Oregon’s Health Authority Twitter tweeted out a photo including tips for sex in the time of COVID-19. This isn’t the first state health department to encourage masturbation, as the virus spread in New York the NYC Health Department Encouraged Masturbation as well. During times when flattening the curve relies on staying home, sexual encounters are discouraged and should not be prioritized in order to ensure your own health as well as those you come into contact with. The same message remains from the Oregon Health Authority that was passed on from the NYC Health Department, “You are your safest sex partner.”

What does Oregon suggest for remaining sexually safe during Coronavirus?

Oregon’s list was not as comprehensive as the list from New York, but the ideas remain the same.

You are your safest sex partner

Masturbate, use toys. Take this time to find out what makes you feel good.

Get off while maintaining your distance

The phone, sexting, and webchat platforms can be ways to connect socially and sexually without exchanging fluids.

Selective Kissing

Kissing can easily pass COVID-19. Avoid kissing anyone who is not part of your small circle of close contacts.

Use Condoms

Condoms and dental dams can reduce contact with saliva or feces, especially during oral or anal sex.

Press Pause

Rimming (mouth on anus) might spread COVID-19. Virus in feces may enter your mouth.

Wash your Hands

Washing up before and after sex is more important than ever. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

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