OnlyFans W9 Reminder Causing Payout Issues

OnlyFans Reminder to Submit W9 Causing Confusion Among Performers

Popular fan club platform OnlyFans recently displayed a reminder on model dashboards to download their W9 page and make sure it is filled out correctly, this reminder has confused a lot of models resulting in many models updating their information even if it did not need to be updated. This has caused mass confusion among performers who have not been able to request payout since submitting the new documents. Performers are not able to receive payouts until the W9 on file is approved, if you are an OnlyFans performer make sure to only update the W9 form if the information needs to be updated due to a change of address, registration of a business, change in legal name, etc.

Not sure if your W9 needs to be updated?

Go to the Add Bank page within your OnlyFans dashboard, and click the first prompt which states “To download W9 form Click here.” Verify that the information is correct, and if it is then you are good to go! If it needs to be updated click the second prompt which states “To edit W9 form Click here.” Keep in mind if you do submit edits to your W9 form, you may not be able to receive payouts until the changes to your account have been approved!

More Information On OnlyFans

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