OnlyFans increases payout minimum without notice

OnlyFans leaves international creators in the lurch with huge payout minimum increase

UPDATE: on 12/9/2019, Canadian models logging in to their OnlyFans dashboard were greeted with a pop-up informing them that the ACH withdrawal minimum was now $200.
Popular fanclub platform OnlyFans has left thousands of international models fuming in their latest high-profile stumble. The site has raised the minimum payout amount, previously $100 for models in Australia and Canada, to $500 with no notice to models of the change. The change was only discovered when models logged in to their dashboards and discovered the change below their pending balances (pictured above). Many models have tried to reach out to OnlyFans support on Twitter, but the account has been silent.

It is worth mentioning that the account pictured above, with earnings in the top 21% of creators, does not earn $500 monthly, so this change affects a MASSIVE number of models and accounts. US models seem to be unaffected, with their minimum payout of $20 still in effect.

With minimal notice to Australian and Canadian models regarding the payout changes, and seemingly no support or reasoning behind it, it leads to concern if they will continue raising minimum payouts in other locations internationally.

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