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Nood camming platform announces unspecified updates

Remember and the Nood App? The platform was designed as a live-streaming platform for adult content, though it is still allegedly in “public beta” after years in the business. Nood has announced that they will finally be adding some much-requested updates to the platform, though they have not specifically announced any details.

From the Nood announcement:

Over the last year, the team and I have been working incredibly hard on a new vision for Nood. One that is inspired by our creator community and fellow supporters, and from everything we’ve learned these past two years during the beta trials.

We recognize we weren’t quick to release promised features. For a time, frankly, we were a bit lost. We observed how many creators adopted interactive sex toys on livestream platforms all the while seeing the rapid growth of monthly recurring subscription platforms and how they offer a new way for creators to earn a living.

Nood offers neither.

We thought of chasing after these features and do what other platforms do, but to what end we asked ourselves. We want to push forward and bring new daring ideas, not do more of the same.

We’re excited to share our vision with the community. In the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be adding new features and removing some. We’ll be sharing our thoughts along the way, ask for your feedback and together work on pushing forward. – Chloe, Nood Team