New JustForFans Feature: Re-Post Old Content To Social Media


JustForFans: Re-Post Older Content To Social Media

JustForFans, a platform for fanclubs, clips, sexting and other service, has announced a new feature: Re-Posts. With Re-Posts, JustForFans performers can repost old content to social media. Content re-posted to social might not be new to the models, but it’s new to anyone who hasn’t subscribed to them. This is especially important now, as models are not able to produce as much content as they used to, since they are quarantined.


How JustForFans Re-Post Works

Every day, the system will re-post one post of a model’s video posts that is at least 4 months old. It picks the video post at random. And it picks the models at random, so a model’s auto-post will happen at some point at night. The program runs once every hour from 6pm-3am EST, so the auto-post will be at some point during those hours.

This feature can be disabled if a model is not interested in it.

Owner Dominic Ford On The New Feature

Says owner Dominic Ford, “During this difficult time, we are asking ourselves every day ‘what can we do to get models more exposure and sales, especially if they are quarantined and not making a lot of new content.’ This new feature will really help those models keep new customers coming in during this time.”
“One of our JFF models stopped producing content for 4 months but his monthly number of new subscribers never went down. Why? Because every day he posted an old scene on twitter” (he didn’t re-post it on JFF, he just re-posted ABOUT it on Twitter).

More Information On JustForFans

Interested in becoming a JustForFans model? You can either signup here or learn more about JFF by checking out the link below. JustForFans is a platform for selling clips, fanclub subscription, sexting and custom store items. JustForFans has a large male / gay model and customer-base, but is open to all genders and sexual orientations. Anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site.