New fanclub platform FanChella launches

Fanclub site Fanchella charges monthly fee, promises 100% payout

There’s a new fanclub on the block, and they’re doing things a little differently! Fanchella, rather than taking a fixed percentage of model earnings like other fanclubs, cam sites, and clip sites do, is offering its platform using the software as a service (SAAS) model. If you use editing software like Premiere, you’re familiar with this model, where you pay a flat monthly fee for access to the program. Fanchella charges creators $19.95 (USD) per month, regardless of sales volume, to use the site.

In exchange for a creator’s monthly fee to the site, they get access to adult-friendly payment processing for their sales and subscription fees, as well as the site’s features, which include the classic “fanclub feed” as well as a robust direct messaging function. Fanchella promotes their payout percentage as 100%, which would make them unique in the fanclub world, but the fine print does indicate that payout is 100% of earnings less “processing fees”, the specifics of which are not clear. Depending on what those processing fees turn out to be, the SAAS model plus “100% payout” could be a significant increase in net earnings for models who would otherwise be earning 80% on a site like OnlyFans.