MV Tube Retired, ManyVids to Use Free Content as “Promotional Tool”

ManyVids Retires their “ethical tube site” MV Tube

Popular clip platform ManyVids introduced MV Tube as an “ethical tube site” meant to compete with larger tube sites and encourage performers on the MV platform to post their content for paid views similarly to PornHubs payment model, unfortunately ManyVids has made the decision to retire their tube site along with payment for views on free content. ManyVids has claimed this change is partially due to PornHub being able to pay per views due to the advertisements on their content, while ManyVids did not support advertisements on the tube content they were hosting. MV Tube will be officially removed from ManyVids on May 7th, 2020. All views up until the official removal date will be paid out as per usual. MV Tube was initially met with a lot of opposition from models who claimed integrating a tube site within a paid site would encourage members to search for freebies rather than pay for their porn. The initial opposition along with the confusion between videos being marked as “free” or “MV Tube” and not able to be marked as both are probably some of the bigger contributing factors to MV Tubes downfall. ManyVids will continue to host free content but they will no longer be paying for views after May 7th, 2020. As per the MV Blog: “Free vids are a powerful and effective way for MV Stars to market themselves and their work, make new fans, and direct buyers to the vids they’re selling. We want to encourage the idea that paying for content is the way forward for our entire industry. Therefore, we’re now going to focus on free content as an awesome promotional tool, not as a product and offering in and of itself. Once the MV Tube brand is removed from MV, the payment rate on views will no longer be in effect. Please note that the “pay to download” option will also be fully removed.” It seems like ManyVids could potentially be making this decision in order to eliminate the separation of free SFW content from the porn on their platform, which is a strange direction to take considering how much they have pushed SFW content in recent months. If they are planning to try to integrate it in with the porn and become NSFW YouTube, they may have a difficult road ahead. What do you think of this change?

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