Manyvids Launches Petition To End Sex Worker Discrimination In The UK

Clipsite Manyvids is starting a petition to try to end sex worker discrimination in the UK. Anyone who is a UK citizen can sign it (even if you don’t currently live there). When the petition gets 10,000 signatures the UK government is required to discuss the petition in parliament, they have to actually address the problem. Your signature could mean more than you know, help end sex worker discrimination in the UK.

Click here to sign Manyvids petition to end sex worker discrimination in the UK.

United Kingdom’s Equality Act

In 2010 the UK passed the Equality Act, it protects those in the UK workforce from discrimination relating to race, belief, age, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation. What it does not protect is adult creators, sex workers, and former sex workers. If you’re a sex worker with a part-time job that’s not in the adult industry, it’s completely legal to fire you, even if you’re a former adult entertainer and your past work is discovered, it’s entirely legal to fire you! And wait, that’s not it folks, there’s more! Banks and online financial services can refuse to do business with sex workers just because of their jobs, landlords can deny housing on the basis of an adult entertainer’s line of work, universities can kick out students just for having worked in the adult business. Basically if you are a sex worker or ever have been, you can be discriminated against for it. Manyvids thinks “A fair and equitable society would not allow such discrimination, and ManyVids believes it’s evident and plain that not including sex workers in the Equality Act violates the spirit and the intent of the act.”

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