Kik is back from the dead


Kik messaging app is here to stay

After weeks of speculation about its demise, popular messaging app Kik has been acquired by MediaLab. Kik’s new owner is no stranger to the digital world, owning both the secret-sharing app Whisper and music distribution platform DatPiff. This is a welcome announcement for many models who use Kik for promotion and paid messaging services, though there are a number of problems with using the app for sex work.

Kik update includes ads

One red flag for models using Kik for NSFW services is the announcement that Kik will be including ads in the newest app update. Many platforms begin to crack down on both adult content and subscription sales once they focus on monetizing the platform using ads. Kik has also announced that they will be focusing on “eradicating spam bots and unwanted messages”, a goal that may target the mass messaging tactics used to promote sales and services. If Kik begins to ban model accounts as they attempt to become “advertiser-friendly”, they’ll join a long line of platforms (Snapchat, for example) that deem adult content inappropriate.

Terms of Service ban nudity and pornography

Kik’s TOS specifically states: You may not upload, post, send, comment on or store content that…contains pornography, nudity, or graphic or gratuitous violence…spams or solicits Kik users to purchase anything” Looks like it’s lights out for sex workers on Kik!