JustForFans Adds New “Shout-Out” Feature

Fanclub site JustForFans adds a new ‘shout-out’ feature for their models, making networking and cross promotion with other models way easier! ‘Shout-outs’ are very popular way to gain more followers and it seems to be working. Each post will now have a “shout-out” button at the bottom. When a model clicks on that button that post appears on their own timeline, making it so all of their subscribers can see the post. Shout-outs on a model’s page are visible only to subscribers of that model. Also, users can hide shout-outs so that they’ll only see their desired model’s content.

JFF’s Dominic Ford said: “‘Shout-out’ groups, which exist to help models promote each other, are very successful at growing a new model’s fan base,” “This feature institutionalizes this and makes it incredibly easy and traceable [so] users can see if their sales came from another model’s page, and therefore what the value of these shout-outs are.”

More Information On JustForFans

Interested in becoming a JustForFans model? You can either signup here or learn more about JFF by checking out the link below. JustForFans is a platform for selling clips, fanclub subscription, sexting and custom store items. JustForFans has a large male / gay model and customer-base, but is open to all genders and sexual orientations. Anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site.