Federal Judge Upholds California Labor Bill AB5


Judge Rules Against Challenge to AB5

Federal Court Judge Gee rules that it is in the “public interest” to “enforce” California’s AB5 Labor Bill. Last December Uber and Postmates challenged AB5 describing the labor bill as “irrational and unconstitutional.” This bill is trying to shift tax paying responsibilities from ‘gig’ economy workers to their employers.’Gig’ economy workers include, ride share drivers, errand and delivery service workers, and those in the adult industry. This controversial labor bill has created confusion for employers and employers alike. In her 24 page ruling Judge Gee ultimately ruled “in favor of permitting the state to enforce this legislation.” Hopefully other legal challenges to this bombshell of a bill are in the works at Federal, State, and local levels in California to protect self-employment rights of adult industry workers and independent contractors.