iWantClips Experienced Coding Vulnerability which Leaked Location Data

Popular Clip Site iWantClips experienced an error within their software that leaked private information

Following hot on the heels of a previous instance of emailing tax files including 1099-MISCs to a performer on accident, the popular clip site iWantClips has now also put their Artists privacy at risk due to a recent change in software which left private location data open and available to anyone who uses Google Chrome and knows how to use Developer Tools. According to iWantClips, the data that was able to be viewed was zip codes that Artists blocked using geo-blocking. Some Artists were left concerned about the situation before this information was released due to the fact they believed that iWantClips was simply displaying their zip code. It makes sense that if you were looking to maintain privacy as a performer, that you’d block your own zip code. Even though this information was not actually the models zip code, but the entire list of zip codes that they have geo-blocked, it is still an outrageous breach of privacy and security. It would be very easy for someone to access a models general location by using the zip codes they have blocked, what is even more concerning is that they could have also pinpointed this information to out of state family or friends and used this information to dox performers or find out personal information that they would not want available to the public.

I’m an iWantClips Artist, is my information safe?

iWantClips has secured the information and blocked zip codes are no longer showing on the site, Webcam Startup ran a test of this on multiple performer accounts to confirm that this was solved before releasing this information in order to make sure it wouldn’t be accessed if it was still happening. If you are a performer on the platform your blocked zip codes are not currently showing, although the iWantClips team that released a statement to model dashboards did not specify how long that information was publicly accessible.

iWantClips had this to say about the situation:

“Dear Artists,
We were alerted that blocked zip codes were purportedly not being properly masked by the software utilized for the recent upgrade of our search system.
The discoverable information were zip codes that were created as a blocking rule by Artists.
We take complete responsibility and sincerely apologize for this occurrence.
After acknowledging the issue and performing a thorough investigation, our developers were able to quickly rectify the issue in the code that caused this occurrence.
We’d like to thank our community for bringing awareness to this issue.
Please reach out to us anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter at Support@iWantClips.com”

Was I impacted if I did not have any geo-blocks set up?

Based on the current data we are working with, we believe that models who didn’t have any geo-blocks or viewer restrictions set up were not impacted by this issue. Models who were impacted by the issue used the “blocking” tool on iWantClips and input a zip code as a “blocking rule.” If you are unfamiliar with these features, they are easily accessed via the model dashboard and although in this situation they were not useful, they can be for people looking for more specific ways to geo-block. iWantClips has a more in-depth way to geo-block rather than the typical “select a state” options that seem to be the standard on pornographic sites.

How do I know if someone accessed my blocked zip codes on iWantClips?

Unfortunately there is no easy way to track if someone accessed the developer tools feature on your page and took down this information. Luckily, when it was brought to light within the model community, it stayed very under wraps and was only spread to fellow performers who were able to check their pages and confirm it was an issue and reach out to iWantClips support and other models that they network with on the platform. If your information was accessed during this time by someone outside of the performer community, there isn’t a way to check. Most people would use the information immediately, such as the case where a model was directly contacted with her sensitive information which is what brought this situation to light.

Could this have been prevented by performers or by iWantClips?

When you look at the statement made by iWantClips, it becomes very apparent that this weakness within the coding could have been prevented entirely. Based on how quickly they were able to rectify the issue, it was very clearly an error internally made by iWantClips developers. In an industry where privacy is not only important but imperative to maintaining safety in a high risk industry, this oversight by a website that takes such a large percentage of models profits to run a safe place to host content is absolutely ridiculous. There would have been no way for performers to prevent this problem except for not utilizing geo-blocking, which would put them into a different but equally sensitive and dangerous situation. All we can do now is hope that information did not fall into the wrong hands and hope that iWantClips takes a serious look at all of these “leaks” they have been experiencing and recognize that they will not be able to survive in an industry that values privacy if they don’t look over their coding and have their developers ensure the privacy of performers that utilize their platform.

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