Fundraiser launched for The Cupcake Girls’ Empowerment Fund

July 2, 2020 Blog

Fundraiser for The Cupcake Girls’ Empowerment fund to support adult industry performers launches with $10,000 goal

Sex worker support agency The Cupcake Girls has received a boost in the form of an Empowerment Fund, organized by Amberly Rothfield, Eliza Allure, and Sofia Rose. In the past year, The Cupcake Girls have provided over $87,000 in financial support to sex workers, in addition to providing resources and referrals at no cost. Amberly, Eliza, and Sofia have launched a fundraiser to create an additional fund of at least $10,000 to go towards supporting sex workers through rent assistance, healthcare costs, legal aid, and cash grants.

From the announcement:

The Empowerment fund is a performer fund created by Amberly Rothfield, Eliza Allure, and Sofia Rose, to help marginalized sex workers who are in need of financial assistance. We seek to support models to be successful and empower those who are in need. This is important now more than ever in this especially trying time as sex workers have been left out of receiving government assistance during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Donate to the Empowerment Fund, or learn more about The Cupcake Girls.

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