Exclusv.Life Updates: September 2020

Exclusv.Life fanclub adds user blocking, increases file upload limits

Fast-growing fanclub platform Exclusv.Life has ended its summer of updates with a few more changes. To make posting as seamless and simple as possible, they’ve added a “Create Post” button to the top of the Creator Dashboard. The file upload limit has also been increased from 20 to 30, meaning more pictures in each photo set! Finally, Exclusv.Life is giving creators more control over who can interact with their posts by implementing a “block” feature. This feature is designed to give you the freedom to moderate – you can simply block anyone you don’t wish to have seeing or commenting on your posts.

More Information On Exclusv.Life

Interested in becoming an Exclusv.Life creator? You can either signup here or learn more about Exclusv.Life by checking out the link below. Exclusv.Life is a new premium social network that gives Creators the opportunity to earn from recurring subscriptions and paid posts. Exclusv.Life accepts all genders (female, male, transgender) and anyone eighteen or older can get started posting on the site.