Clips4Sale Updates Categories at Request of Bank


Fetish Friendly Clip Site Clips4Sale was asked by their bank to update some pre-existing categories

Clips4Sale is known for being fetish friendly and hosting a wide variety of videos that some sites shy away from. The site sent a message to model dashboards to let their performer base know that at the request of their bank they had to make some changes to existing categories. Rather than entirely remove them, they’ve provided a list of the new alternative for the previous tag. Using any of the words on the list will result in them automatically changing to the new preferred word, which is very helpful for seasoned models on the platform that are used to the current category list! This is a great time to go back and read your descriptions to ensure that they still read correctly with the automatic word changes.

Categories that were changed on Clips4Sale:

wasted to buzzed
unwilling to unenthusiastic
unwillingly to unenthusiastically
incapacitate to indispose
molests to fondle
drunken to buzzed
drunkenly to aimlessly
sedate to relax
sedated to relaxed
sedates to relaxes
sedation to relaxation
unconsciousness to indisposed
hypnotism to mesmerism
incestuous to lewd
mutilate to destroy
mutilated to destroyed
mutilating to destroying
mutilation to destruction
mutilator to destroyer
shitface to buzzed
liquored to buzzed
re-hypnotize to re-mesmerize
dad to step-dad
mom to step-mom
father to step-father
mother to step-mother
sister to step-sister
brother to step-brother
sis to step-sis
bro to step-bro
mommy to step-mommy
daddy to step-daddy
son to step-son
daughter to step-daughter
mama to step-mama
momma to step-momma
drunk to buzzed
intoxicate to buzzed
intoxicated to buzzed
intoxicates to buzzed
intoxication to buzzed
intoxicator to buzzed
intox to buzzed

More Information On Clips4Sale

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