Clips4Sale Legal Zone 6

Clips4Sale is excited to bring you another installment of “The Clips4Sale Legal Zone, with Neil and attorney Corey D. Silverstein” – coming up on Monday October 14 at 4 pm EST.

Neil is the founder and leader of Clips4Sale, the industry’s most long-standing and successful space to sell clips online. Corey is the industry’s premiere IT attorney, representing community members from all corners of the space. Together, they will break down relevant legal issues shaping the adult industry – and your business – today, with a live Q&A occurring throughout!

During the October 14th episode, Corey and Neil will be discussing California’s recently passed California Assembly Bill (AB) 5, which reclassifies many workers from “independent contractors” to “employees.” How will this impact members of the adult industry in California, and how will it impact workers anywhere and everywhere who are working for California-based companies?

Also, Corey and Neil along with special guest attorney Larry Walters will be discussing intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrighting. This topic is a *big deal* so make sure to tune in.


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