Clips4Sale’s May Cosplay Clip Themed Promotion

Fetish clip site Clips4Sale announces of their monthly themed clip promotion, this May the theme is.. Cosplay. The promotion starts April 30th and ends June 1st, making sure the promotion will last ALL month of may. Upload a NEW video where you are in cosplay (costumed play) in a Sci-Fi, Alien, Star War, Superhero and Superheroine themed costume. The promotion will be available on the main page of Clips4Sale and highly promoted through both on-site links, social media announcements and press releases to all of the major adult news outlets. You can only post unique clips in one format, one resolution. Do NOT add duplicate clips in multiple formats and resolutions to the promotion page!

How To Participate:

-1. Film a NEW clip, or upload one that new to C4S.

-2. Go to the ADD CLIPS page in your admin and complete the sections as you normally would and then use the assigned CUSTOM KEYWORD as the first keyword you add: C4SCosplay20

-3. Complete the normal ADD CLIPS process by clicking the ADD CLIP button to activate the clip. You can not set this for Future Activation, clips must be activated immediately.

-4. Go to the main page of Clips4Sale: and you will see the new “Cosplay May” icon for the “Cosplay May” 2020 Themed Clips above the C4S Featured studios list.

-5. Click the icon, you will see the new theme and you should see your clip added to the page ( along with other studios taking part in the Themed Clip Promotion.

-6. Customers who click on your clip will be taken to the individual clip page on your store.

More Information On Clips4Sale

Interested in becoming a Clips4Sale model? You can either signup here or learn more about Clips4Sale by checking out the link below. Clips4Sale is a leading fetish clip site with great traffic and features. Although Clips4Sale is primarily fetish oriented, vanilla models and producers are welcome as well. Anyone 18+ can open up a studio, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Plus, also make money camming and selling subscriptions on NexoCams.