Chaturbate Video Contest (April 2020)


Chaturbate Video Contest/ $200,000 Giveaway

Camming site Chaturbate giving away $200,000 to winners of their new video contest, for posting a light, fun video on YouTube! The video also must be YouTube friendly, meaning Suitable For Work! Entries must be 1-3 minutes max, high-definition preferred. The contest started April 1st and ends April 30th.

The video must be about one of the following topics: “How did Chaturbate, and how has it impacted your life?”, “Tell us about your fave Chaturbate moment.”, “What is your most surprising aspect of Chaturbate” and “tell us about the show where you received your highest tip”.

The Prizes:

1st Place: $30,000.00
2nd Place: $25,000.00
3rd Place: $20,000.00
4th Place: $15,000.00
5th Place: $13,000.00
6th Place: $11,000.00
7th Place: $10,000.00
8th Place: $9,000.00
9th Place: $8,000.00
10th Place: $7,000.00

40 More Prize Places Ranging From $500.00 to $6,000.00!

More Information On Chaturbate

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